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Monday, 2 August 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

I was away on holiday for a bit and so I missed a fortnight of Classic Corrie.  Watching ten hours of the show when I returned felt like too much work so I skipped it.  This is a rundown of what happened last week, where I try to work out what's going on.  

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th November 1998

Tony's back!  He's got bleached blond hair and he's a drug dealer.  He was begging for money from Denise (who's now married to Des - that was quick) and she finally gave him her savings.  He obviously used it to buy more smack.  Zoe was fully enmeshed in the Cult of Nirab, an absolutely bonkers plotline where everyone worshipped producer Brian Park, and they wandered round the street trying to convert the locals.  Obviously Maud sent the missionaries off with a flea in their ear.  Rita was unhappy that Alec was letting himself into her flat through the connecting door, but not as unhappy as Alec was when he got into bed and found Betty in there.  She had the decorators in and was hiding from the paint fumes and she was understandably livid.  And Liz left the show - for the first time - as she went away with Jim's therapist for a new life.  Jim and Steve said emotional goodbyes to her as she wondered if she was doing the right thing.  Obviously she wasn't, because in a couple of years time she'll be back to marry Jim again.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th November 1998

Nicky Tilsley was modelling for art classes, because the producers needed another reason to get him to take his clothes off.  (Nicky Tilsley Shirtless Count: 6, that I've seen, but there's probably been 100 I've missed in the last fortnight).  His art teacher gave him a saucy look and invited him out.  Ashley went for a meal at the cult HQ wearing a terrible shirt, where Owen from Torchwood told him all about the beauty of spring water.  Tony decided to leave town but the drug dealers caught up with him and started smacking him about in the front room.  However, Des came home and interrupted them, and in the subsequent scuffle, he fell back and cracked his head on a cheap bit of MDF furniture.  Apparently this was enough to put him into a coma.  Kevin accompanied Denise to the hospital while she stressed about him.  It looked like he was going to recover, but as she sat by his side, Des suffered a heart attack and died, leaving Philip Middlemiss free to start his new career as an arms dealer in Ghana.  No, really.  

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd November 1998

The Street reacted with shock to Des's murder.  Natalie was forced to stay with Kevin because number 6 was a crime scene, and she sobbed hysterically on the cobbles.  She agreed to lie to the police to protect Tony, telling a story that the thugs were after Des's money from the bookies, but she hated her son for it.  At least the tragedy might get her to throw away that awful sofa that looked like garden furniture.  The cult took Zoe even deeper into their midst, putting her in a meditation circle, and she began to think that she could summon Shannon's spirit.  Leanne understandably thought she was bonkers.  Roy got an interesting letter in the mail: the shop next door to the cafe wanted to expand, and they were offering £65,000 to buy them out.  He thought a new start would be interesting but Gail didn't want to sell up.  Meanwhile, Deirdre got an unexpected visitor - her old cellmate, Jackie Dobbs, with a shock of platinum hair and nowhere to live.  Deirdre reluctantly let her stay.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th November 1998

Leanne told Ashley that Zoe was trying to contact Shannon.  He accused Owen from Torchwood of filling her head with nonsense and tried to persuade her to see sense.  She wouldn't be told.  Roy tried to persuade Gail to sell up, floating ideas of tapas and a new menu.  Gail refused to even consider it, saying that bacon butties would never go out of style.  Nicky's art teacher invited him back to her house, asking him to pose for a sculpture she was doing.  Oh aye, I've heard that one before.  Natalie couldn't face being on her own any more and went back to work.  Les thought Alec had forced her back against her will and berated him, but she stood up for herself.  He caught the attention of Jackie, however, and she took him back to the flat for a bit of how's your father.  Deirdre returned just in time to interrupt this gruesome twosome and chucked him out.  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 29th November 1998

It was the day of Des's funeral and his family arrived.  That meant the return of his hot brother Colin, now with a wife, who was furious that they were lying about how he died.  He interrupted the service to announce that Natalie was protecting Tony; it turned out Des had told him about the drug dealing.  She denied it but he said she made him sick; Colin ended up getting chucked out of the wake.  The funeral upset Zoe, who was reminded of Shannon's death, and Judy comforted her.  The next day her cult mates turned up and told Judy that her babies would be better off never coming into the world of sin and simply going straight to heaven.  Charming people.  Les had a sore foot, but Janice was annoyed that he'd been smarming over Jackie and gave him no sympathy.  It turned out he was actually in real pain and he went to hospital, making Janice feel guilty, and irritating Martin who'd have to look after him because he's the only nurse in Wethy General.  Roy and Hayley auditioned for a surprisingly camp Cain Dingle at the operatic society and got parts in The Sound of Music.  I sincerely hope we get to see the entire production.  And Greg and Sally are back, and no, he's not got any nicer in the interim.  He told her she was unsupportive of him and his business and demanded more money and, stupidly, she handed over her debit card.  Honestly Sal, how thick are you.

Missing that fortnight means I sadly didn't get to see Anne Malone get her frozen just desserts.  I am having a fish finger sandwich in her memory over on Twitter @merseytart.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekday afternoons and is also on the ITV Hub.

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Louby said...

Welcome back! I'm sure you won't be too sad about missing the Jim/Liz/Michael saga that rumbled on for ages and was very, very boring.

Anne Malone on the other hand, the bods at ITV3 decided that we viewers are too delicate to see her corpse from the front, but fine with seeing a side shot!

You also benefitted from missing Greg thump Sally. Not nice at all.


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