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Monday, 2 August 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd August


Abandon Hope, all ye who enter this review! The horror that is Tylina chucks Emma out of her flat. Remember when Emma invited Alina to live with her, even though she was still smarting about Seb and his wandering man-bun? This is how she's repaid for kindness, by being thrown out of her own home and will probably end up in Blanche's old room at no. 1. 

Anyway, Hope, who's pretty much out-acting her adult co-stars at this point, seems to be thawing towards Alina and offers up her toy dinosaur (Emily Brontesaurus, and no, I don't believe that Fiz, Ty or Hope would have come up with that name - that must be a John Stape legacy, along with the sociopath tendencies) as a pressie for the new baby. She soon changes her mind as Alina goes to the hospital with stomach pains (leaving only Toyah doing sales - how will the factory cope?) and Hope finds out they're having a boy and her jealousy goes into overdrive. She steals the keys to the flat and sneaks out to the Tylina flat whilst Tyrone and Kirk drink cocktails in the hotel set. She steals back the dino-toy and then eyes up a candle and some nail varnish remover. We don't actually see what she does next, but the next thing we know the flat is on fire although at least Audrey as landlady (or is it Debbie now?) has fitted a smoke alarm. It's been a while since we had a fire isn't it? As we all know, Weatherfield council by-laws state that either the pub or the factory must be set on fire every (min) three and (max) five years. This time though it's the hairdresser's flat. Alina is taken back to hospital - she'll have her own bed soon!

James arrives home from Kate Oates Memorial Hospital depressed about his knee - and his prospects at County. Things go from bad to worse as a sergeant from the cop shop turns up to tell him that they won't be taking his complaint any further. James does some physio in the community garden and bumps into Craig who admits that he didn't say that James wasn't driving erratically. Craig then finds out that PC Racist is racist - who'd have thunk it - as he tells PC Plonker Tinker that "they" (meaning black people) are too sensitive. Meanwhile, James decides he's going to appeal after an insensitive visit from WCFC's manager.

Todd is sleeping on the funeral home sofa, which sounds like a horror story in the making, until George invites him back to his, but not for hanky panky, as George still has the hots for Eileen and tries to persuade her that the Toddster is sorry and she should forgive him. This cuts no ice with Ms Grimshaw. Come on, Eileen!

Back on Zoom, Izzy finds out that the Jo Lafoe order is going out without her work and gets suspicious. She sends in an empty box in order to entrap Sarah and Carla, who tell her that they were only trying to protect her, which makes Izzy end the call. Sarah and Carla squabble and it's only sensible Sally who tells them that they need to put their differences aside and find a solution.

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Cowks said...

Aren't Yasmeen's chickens named after the Brontes? A bit of fandom going on, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t George say Todd was only a lad.? He’s 36 for goodness sake! A grown man who knows exactly what he is doing.


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