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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 4 August

Wednesday 4th August 2021 

ALINA BLAMES HERSELF FOR THE FIRE Shaken after her ordeal, Alina sits up in her hospital bed and assures Tyrone that both she and the baby are fine. In the cafe, Tyrone, Fiz and Evelyn discuss the fire and the possible causes. Hope’s quick to point out that Alina was alone in the flat so the fire must be her fault. Outside the salon flat, the fire investigation officer tells Tyrone that it would seem the fire was started by an aromatherapy candle. Alina’s horrified to think that she caused the fire with one of her candles. 

GEORGE HEARS SOMETHING HE SHOULDN’T George finds Eileen in the cafe and after admitting he’s taken a shine to her, wonders if she fancies dinner at the bistro. Eileen coyly accepts his offer. But when George overhears her tell Mary that she isn’t sure she wants to go out without someone who handles the dead for a living George sends a text cancelling the date. 

AADI FLEES IN THE FACE OF AFFECTION Nina calls round with Summer’s bridesmaid’s dress.  Billy’s saddened at the reminder of his cancelled wedding. Summer tries on the bridesmaid’s dress and worries that she looks fat. When Aadi calls round with some diabetic friendly cookies and admires her dress, Summer’s touched. When Aadi reveals how much he’d miss her if something happened to her, Summer admits she feels the same about him. Clearly flustered, Aadi heads out leaving Summer confused.

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Sally, Kirk and Beth fret about Izzy.  Sarah resolves to try and put things right. Carla and Sarah bury the hatchet and call Izzy to apologise.

Wednesday 4th August 2021 

ALINA’S CANDLE BEGINS TO SHED LIGHT ON THE TRUTH When Evelyn and Hope clock Craig talking to the fire investigation officer Hope questions whether the person who started the fire will get into trouble, Evelyn’s suspicions grow and she suggests to Fiz that Hope might know more about the fire than she’s letting on. Fiz is shocked and immediately leaps to Hope’s defence. At the salon flat, Alina’s sadness is evident as she realises all the things they’d bought for the baby have been destroyed. Having gone over the fire officer’s findings in her mind, Alina tells Tyrone that in order for the fire to have started in the cot, someone must have moved the candle.

GEORGE’S WORDS CUT EILEEN TO THE QUICK A furious Eileen lambasts George for cancelling their date. But when George reveals that he overheard her telling Mary that he makes her skin crawl, Eileen’s mortified. Mary hatches a plan to get them back together prompting George to suggest to Eileen that they try again.How will she respond? 

AMY GIVES AADI A HELPING HAND Aadi confides in Dev that there’s a girl he fancies. Dev urges him to pluck up the courage and tell her how he feels. When Aadi confides in Amy that he wants to ask Summer out but doesn’t know how, Amy’s thrilled and offers to coach him. Tracy returns home to find Amy and Aadi clearly enjoying each other’s company. When Tracy suggests Aadi is her boyfriend, Amy puts her straight but Tracy’s not convinced

ELSEWHERE Izzy finally opens up to Carla and Sarah and describes the pain, fear and loneliness she suffered during the pandemic. Fergus hugs her and Izzy gives him a grateful smile. Peter tells Carla that he sees his new liver as a new beginning and fancies a change of career.

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Anonymous said...

Peter fancies a change of career? Apart from being in the Navy what career has he ever had? ( Not counting when he was a bookie)

Anonymous said...

You have to count when he was a bookie. It was a career.
He was a landlord and also a taxi driver

Anonymous said...

What career does he currently have?


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