Saturday, 2 June 2018

Coronation Street’s Big Week – how was it for you?

In a dramatic week of episodes stripped across five nights we saw Gary drag Phelan back to the street for one final showdown.  Nicola was shot! Michelle was shot! Anna came back!  Phelan died! And best of all, for this Corrie fan, a true laugh out loud moment when Corrie cad Lewis Archer returned.

Our bloggers Emma and Sophie worked tirelessly this week on their interviews with some of the Coronation Street cast who were centre stage in Corrie's big week.  I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work. 

You may like to read their cast interviews, below:
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abbyk said...

It was all those things but it was also diluted by way too much extraneous stuff. What should have been smart, sharp conclusion to a long twisty tale was a weak cup of decaf. With a crumbled cookies on the side. Where are the flat deposits? Why bring in Flora if you aren’t going to have her confront her ‘nephew’? Michael Roswell was a victim - why doesn’t Gail get a cuddle? Compared to the showdown at the lighthouse, this was a disappointment.

Anonymous said...


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