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Monday 22 April 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 20 April 2024

Apologies for absence last Friday - I was off to Bari on Saturday and ran out of time.  Tonight in Weatherfield Nick looks continually perplexed as Leanne continues to spout extensive (and expensive) Institute gobbledegook concerning reality coding which explains why an anniversary party last night spent more than normal and some of the family will come back for another meal today.  To me it sounds a lot like the manifestation obsession/fad a few years ago which told the unwary that they could achieve their aims by visualising and magically it happens.  As Nick (and Toyah later) tries to point out - perhaps they just did their job as a Bistro to the best of their abilities and the family actually enjoyed it so much they wanted to do it all again!  The daughter of the family, Anwen, (Maya Irving Piper) sees Sam playing chess in the corner of the Bistro and they have a game (she opens with the Slav Defence - which is wrong because she was playing white and it is a plan used by Black) - the outcome is a draw, although she does suggest Sam could teach her some new moves.  She is a member of a chess club in Worsley and suggests that Sam joins the club.  Obviously she has not yet encountered Hope.  Sam meanwhile hears Leanne espousing reality coding and starts reading some of the Institute literature in the vain hope that it will help free Roy.  Toyah is not convinced by Sam's reading matter either.  Sam later says that the Institute is a load of round objects.  Leanne and Toyah argue over the subject as well.  Nick remains perplexed. 

Daniel decides to reach out to his vast web of underworld contacts in the hope that they have a lead on the missing Lauren.  No - he phones Nicky (who luckily still has the same number and is now an outreach worker with those working in her former profession) and she brings Deanna along to a meeting with Daniel in the precinct (hardly keeping the low profile he promised Bethany).  Max and Bobby have been following Daniel as the former is convinced of Daniel's guilt and take the opportunity of filming his meeting to give DS Swain even more evidence on which to question Daniel given that he took some clothes to the charity shop which might be linked to Bobby's false story of an intruder in a furry parka.  DS Swain rocks up and accuses Daniel of seeing two known sex workers in front of Bethany and we are into another interview session at the police station.  He is later released but has to face the wrath of Bethany - so she chucks him out of Sarah's flat.  

Dee Dee is worried as Nina reports that Roy will not leave his cell for a visit - he later tells Nina that he could not withstand the noise outside his cell.  She already knows about Bobby's new statement which could collapse the case against Roy.  She also admits she had a drink with Joel - Michael tries to warn her off.  It later becomes clear that Dee Dee is receiving phone calls and emails threatening her with death for being Roy's solicitor - which means that Joel helps calm her down and he misses his meeting with his daughter.  There is also an odd moment when the above appeared on Dee Dee's screen - to which I can only ask - is the gambling habit genetically linked?  Joel and Dee Dee report the harassment to the police.  Later in the Rovers Abi talks about parenting and Dee Dee offers to support when he sees his daughter.  Michael however cold shoulders Joel when invited to join them for a drink - but cannot get served as there are no bar staff visible.

Adam and Dee Dee are drowning under the workload caused by Alya's departure and the loss of at least one client.  Adam tries to apologise to Alya - but even though she has been sucked in by the flattery from her new employer (who are really only interested in the clients she can convince to move with her) she does think about changing her mind - but eventually decides that Fabians is the answer after Michael reports Adam's earlier assertion that Alya would return for more money.  Alya uses Michael as her witness when she tells Adam to his face that he can take his job and stuff it where the sun does not shine!  Meanwhile all scenes involving Alya are being shot only showing her face and little else - I wonder why?

Nicky visits Daniel in his flat and the police have seen her as well - she has heard nothing about Lauren - but she does say that Roy was never a client of hers.  Nicky explains about the abuse and predators that exist and the difficulties which girls like Lauren encounter.  And just as Nicky is about to go Bethany comes in the front door.  Nicky tells her why she is supporting Daniel and departs.  Daniel says that it is a two horse race between him and Roy - and so he is no longer certain about Roy. 

Come on everyone - free Cropper now.  Even Tony Blair knew about Deirdre - what is Rishi doing about this huge miscarriage of justice? Obviously not attempting any vote winning public comments.

Which just about wraps it up for me this week.  Be careful out there - even your best friends and neighbours can be convinced that you have killed an employee.

Written by Mark Wadlow and Julie Jones.  Directed by Zah Ahmad.



Fluttershy said...

Rishi wouldn't campaign to free Roy, he'd campaign to have him deported to Rwanda!

Anonymous said...

DeeDee has no children, so how can she dosh out parenting advice? I wonder if it is Joel sending the death threats? "Rescuing" DeeDee so they can get back together? Also, I wish she'd stick to "Diana" rather than that childish nickname!

Anonymous said...

Would she not help with the care of Glory? Maybe previous partners had young children she may have helped in caring for?


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