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Friday 19 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 19 April 2024

Friday 19th April 2024

DANIEL HANDS MAX A SMOKING GUN Bethany does her best to persuade Daniel to put thoughts of Lauren to the back of his mind and come for a walk. Outside the café, Daniel has a go at Max for reporting him to the police and wasting their time but as Daniel and Bethany head off, Max tells Abi that he has no idea what he’s talking about. When Abi reveals who reported Daniel to the police, Max is shocked. Max calls at the factory and rails at Bobby for failing to tell him about Daniel’s involvement in Lauren’s disappearance. Bethany reads an article online suggesting that Lauren was working as an escort which gives Daniel an idea to call Nicky.. Bethany finds Max in the café and orders him to lay off Daniel as he’s a lovely, kind person who is being wrongfully accused. As Daniel heads off to meet Nicky, Max resolves to follow him. In the precinct, Daniel meets up with Nicky and her friend Deana.  Max watches with excitement and after taking some pictures on his phone, explains to Bobby that he recognises Nicky as a sex worker and Daniel is clearly hiding something. 

JOEL FEARS DEE-DEE’S IN DANGER Dee-Dee admits to Michael how much she enjoys Joel’s company but Michael reminds her that Joel lied to her in the past. In the solicitors, Dee-Dee takes a call which shocks her, but she covers in front of Adam. Dee-Dee takes another unwanted call but when Joel arrives she paints on a smile. As Joel helps Dee-Dee with Roy’s bail application, he notices that she’s received some email death threats 

SAM SEES THE GOOD SIDE OF MINDSET In the bistro, an upbeat Nick tells Leanne and Toyah that they’ve had a great week and business is improving. Nick bites his tongue as Leanne puts it down to her reality coding. A couple calls at the bistro with their daughter Anwen who joins Sam for a game of chess. Sam is delighted and Nick and Leanne are pleased to see him making new friends. When Leanne suggests that her reality coding is helping him too, Sam’s sceptical, but in a bid to keep the peace, offers to read up about the Altovalent Institute. 

ELSEWHERE When Michael reveals that according to Adam she’s accepted her job back, Alya’s furious and spotting Adam across the street, heads over to demand answers. Alya spells out to Adam that he can stick his lousy job and storms off. As Adam watches her go, it’s clear he’s smitten.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Max and Bobby would make terrible undercover cops. As if Daniel wouldn't be able to see them through the railings when they were stalking him. Nor should Nina and co be discussing Bobby's statement - a confidential police matter - loudly in the café for all and sundry to hear!


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