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Wednesday 24 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 24 April 2024

Wednesday 24th April 2024

TOYAH’S SECRET IS REVEALED Nick desperately tries to keep the peace between Leanne and Toyah. When Joel asks Leanne if she liked her rose Toyah bought her, Leanne’s bemused and quizzes Toyah on it who makes out she binned it. Toyah remains adamant she was right to defend Roy’s reputation and to stop the sleuths from desecrating such a special place as Nick’s puzzled by her choice of words. When Nick returns home, he finds Toyah in tears as she reveals that at 19 she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl, she kept it a secret and she buried her in the exact same place in the park that she found the sleuths digging up. Toyah takes a deep breath and admits to Nick that the baby’s father was Phil Simmonds, the guy who raped her.  Simon returns home and oblivious to the tension, tells Nick and Toyah that the police are digging up North Cross Park and Bobby reckons they’ve found a body. Will Toyah find herself in even more trouble? 

ASHA GOES ON A MISSION FOR NINA’S BIRTHDAY In the caf√©, Asha confides in Aadi that she’s had a response from the troll behind the video and she’s arranged to meet him in the precinct as Aadi offers to go with her. Evelyn calls at the cafe with some ‘Missing Freddie’ posters and a birthday card for Nina. Amy tells Aadi that the lady at the charity can no longer do the radio interview and asks him to do it instead. Roy phones the cafe to wish Nina a happy birthday and Nina makes out that Freddie is fine and assures him that Dee-Dee is doing everything to secure his release. When Aadi reveals that Amy’s charity worker had to pull out of the interview because of a crisis with a vulnerable family, Joel reluctantly offers to help. As Asha arrives at the precinct, there’s no sign of Aadi and she tries his mobile repeatedly. At No.1, Amy prepares to interview Aadi who fails to notice the missed calls from Asha. As Asha makes to leave, TrueMan67 and his sidekick, Banditman, reveal themselves and start asking awkward questions to a scared Asha. Is Asha in danger? 

THE WRITING’S ON THE WILL In the undertakers, George files away a copy of his new will as an intrigued Todd watches on. As Todd reads through George’s will, Eileen catches him. When Todd reveals that George is leaving him the business, Eileen points out that he’d change his mind if he knew he’d gone behind his back. As Todd slips George’s will back in the file, he discovers a copy of Archie Shuttleworth’s will and quickly hides it inside his pocket. What has Todd discovered? 

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Dee-Dee finds out from Aadi how Joel has agreed to represent a lady called Donna on behalf of a women’s charity.  

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