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Tuesday 2 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Tuesday 2 April 2024

Tuesday 2nd April 2024

BETHANY FINDS SOME NOTES ON A SCANDAL Determined to get on better with Daisy, Bethany tells Daniel she’s going to call in and see if she needs help preparing for their dinner tonight. In the Rovers, Bethany persuades a reluctant Daisy to let her help with the cooking and whilst Daisy’s distracted, Bethany turns the oven up on the apple pie. Having discovered the apple pie burnt to a crisp, Daisy heads out to buy a replacement leaving Bethany and Ryan to prepare the evening meal. When Jenny calls Ryan through to the bar, Bethany seizes the opportunity to rifle through drawers, stuffs something in her handbag and hurries out. In the builder’s yard flat, Bethany takes out Stephen’s journal from her bag and flicks through it, intrigued. Will Bethany find out the truth about the Rovers? 

MARIA KEEPS AN EYE ON LIAM A nervous Maria heads off to work leaving Gary to home-school Liam. In the salon, Maria and Audrey discuss hairstyle options with a bride to be as Maria takes a sneak peak at an app on her phone which allows her to watch Gary and Liam in the flat through a hidden camera. As Maria works on the bride’s hair, she stops to check her camera app and starts to panic when Liam disappears to the bathroom. After checking her phone again to find that Liam still hasn’t emerged from the bathroom, Maria grabs her bag and hurries out. 

KEN PLANS A FAREWELL GATHERING FOR TRACY Tracy calls at No.1 for the last of her things and admits to Ken, Amy and Daniel how much she’s going to miss them. Ken suggests a farewell drink in the Rovers. Ken, Amy and Daniel raise a toast to Tracy and wish her well with her new life in Spain as Steve buries himself in his newspaper and Amy feels for him. 

ELSEWHERE In the solicitors’, Dee-Dee confides in Adam and Alya that she’s worried all the evidence so far is stacked against Roy. Carla tells Dee-Dee about Roy’s sleep-walking and the abusive calls and feeling the pressure, Dee-Dee assures Carla she’s doing everything she can to prove Roy’s innocence.

Glenda Young
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Humpty Dumpty said...

The new producer starts this month and it feels like some stories are being wrapped up quicker than originally intended. Tracy's possible exit with Tommy is even quicker than Liz McDonald's. Then there's Paul's laptop stolen and quickly found. Very weird the way that one played out. Surely every crook knows you wipe the owner's details off the device before you try and flog it! He didn't even bother to change the home screen photo. If the producer is looking to cull any characters, perhaps she can start with Bethany who always manages to overhear incriminating conversations. Kind of Tracy-of-yesteryear. Absolutely no chemistry with Daniel which might be irrelevant if their storyline was of any interest.

Fluttershy said...

Another new kitchen at the Rovers! It always bothered me that they only had a small domestic galley kitchen when they were serving food in a commercial setting. At least the new kitchen meets food service regulations even if it is 4 times as big...

Anonymous said...

Amen about Bethany!!

Sharon boothroyd said...

That's a good point about the stolen tablet.
Yes, the new rovers kitchen must have taken up all the ginnel space!
I can't believe that actress who plays Tracey has exited for good.
There's been no big announcement about her leaving corrie anywhere.
I reckon Tracey and Peter will be back in around 6 month's time.
I don't know why they brought Bethany back.
As neither Daniel or Bethany have jobs at the moment, I wonder what they are living on?
I know Daniel has rent from Dee dee.
Did he sell his mum's house?

Anonymous said...

Didn’t that nice old lady give Daniel and Sinead money some time ago?

Sharon boothroyd said...

That was years ago, wasn't it?
I'd like to see another speed dating event at the Rovers but this time with more street singletons - Brian, Mary, Craig, Gail, Ken, Todd, Audrey, Adam, Michael, Sean, Toyah, Amy, Aadi and Allya.
I think Toyah and Michael would make a good couple plus, Amy and Aadi, and Linda and Dev.

Anonymous said...

Soap finances are a mystery. Only mentioned as a plot device. When someone does get a job, they can suddenly afford new clothes and bistro meals regardless of low wages. I loved how Carla worked out how long it would take Jenny to pay back the stolen money. What about Ed? How on earth can he pay off his debts?


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