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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th April

Apologies there was no Monday review last week, I was off having bank holiday shenanigans. 

Luca Toolan and Liam McCheyne as Dylan and Mason in Coronation Street leaning against a wall, looking into camera

Everyone's in their best clobber - there's either a wedding or someone's got their day in court. It's almost neither as Dylan does a disappearing act. Plus Maria, spying on the rose-gold flat, only sees the rose-gold furnishings and no Liam. The teens both turn up though and go to that Media City office they've been using as a court room since Covid. Liam gives evidence against Mason (who is scowling in the defendant's seat with his big brother, who looks younger than him) but then Dylan is the ultimate unreliable witness, saying firstly that he didn't see Mason with the knife, but then that he did. It doesn't really matter in the end as Mason is found guilty, but I suspect he'll be running things from Youth Offenders, like Harvey did from prison. It's a shame Mason can't be redeemed as, like the young man who played Corey, he is a good actor.

It also makes no odds to Maria as she still insists in sleeping in Liam's room. That kid's going to have a serious Oedipus complex! I wonder if Violet'll be off now? It'd be nice for her to hang around and have something else to do than furrow her fringe at her son.

Daisy and Jenny shocked by a return in Coronation Street ...

Daisy does a George Constanza and turns up to work even though she's been sacked. Where is she staying? She can't be at Ryan's 'cos he lives with Carla. She can't stay at the pub as she'd just be an unpaying lodger. Anyway, she doesn't really have any remorse and Ryan's still mad at her, until the end of the ep when he says she's been punished enough. It's been two days, Ryan, you soft sod.

I've enjoyed this slow burn story, from last summer when Jenny said the pub wasn't making money to the sale of the Rovers, to the Newton and Ridley sale to Waterfords, the return of Henry and Gemma's new (temporary) job, Ronnie and Ed's "insider trading" scheme, and then the long term closure of the pub. It has been part of many other plotlines such as Steven stealing Carla's money, Steven's death, Peter's depression about killing Steven and his departure, the love quadrilateral of Daisy, Ryan, Bethany and Daniel and now Karma Carla seeking vengeance. I think it's been really great plotting and pulled in almost all of the characters. Maybe in twenty years time we'll be referencing this story as the golden age of Corrie and lamenting that it's not the same any more and a retired Steve McDonald will be bemoaning the current storylines.

I think Carla was wrong to sack Daisy, not because of moral reasons but because Daisy and Jenny should be working for minimum wage, doing all the shifts until they've paid Carla back. In fact, they could just work for food and board couldn't they? Actually, she should officially change the licencee from Jenny to herself, install Glenda as manager (or manageress as she would no doubt prefer to be called), main duties to involve sitting on a stool regaling the punters about her time on the ships only pausing to shout "That barrel needs changing, Jenny luv". Where is Glenda? She'd have sommat to say about all this I'm sure.

Coronation Street Soap Scoop! Roy charged with murder

Roy's trying to call a staff meeting but Alex's hangover gets in the way. Nina and Bernie haven't even turned up! Perhaps he should've provided coffee and pastries. He says given the current circumstance, they don't have to come to work if they don't want to, but if course they want to carry on. Nick is unkeen on Sam going round there, but he does anyway to lose to Roy at chess. Nick points out that it looks bad for Roy having a 12 year old boy around, which Roy doesn't understand in his naive way. To be honest it's no wonder Sam wanted out of number 8, what with Shona making him play hairdressers.

Leanne is charmed by Rowan in Coronation Street

Leanne's been watching videos of the creepy Rowan (who to my mind looks like a cross between Deedee's ex Joel and David Platt) online. She is "reality coding", which is the same as manifesting according to Gen Z Simon (I think the mulleted millennial who does all the work in the Bistro should manifest a payrise). So is this going to be a sex cult or a losing her money cult? We have seen Leanne give all her bank passwords and memorable names to a random in the pub before. The scheme must be working though as Leanne has visualised 6 inches of hair growth in 2 weeks.

Finally, there's some stuff about Ed's insurance payout and what he should spend it on, which solely seemed to happen to remind us that Ed and Michael are still in the soap. They invite Alya round to Michael's feast of spag bolg made with rice and corned beef but she sensibly declines, and not just because it's Ramadan.

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