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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 15th April

Bernie has appointed herself manager of the cafe whilst Roy is indisposed (surely Shona has more experience, but y'know what with that pesky brain injury that everyone's forgotten about....) Everybody expects Roy to get bail but what with his best friend being a 12 year old and him hitting Gary with a cricket bat by mistake, it seems that the world is safer with Roy in the big house. At least he'll be spared the phone calls and the online abuse? 
Given how backed up the courts are, I think we should expect to see his trial in late 2026, although I'm still not sure how there can be a murder trial without a body. For all we know Lauren might be in Ayia Napa. Hope, Sam and Eliza (who's still here?) form the Monday Murder Club and hope to exonerate Roy. What do we think, gang? We know that Joel spent some money in a jewellers at the same time that Lauren received some expensive bling from her older man-friend. Or could this be the work of Nathan, Bethany's ex-groomer? He would be out of prison by now. I had thought Harvey was the perp but his storyline seems to be over now. Trying to help Roy, Bobby recants his statement and says he saw another man in a balaclava in Lauren's flat and was warned not to tell anyone. He drags Carla into this and she realises she'll have to lie to the police to back him up. I mean, she has form.

I'm also not quite sure what this storyline is for, except to win Best Storyline, Best Actor and Best Continuing Drama awards at the Inside Soap Awards. Also to give Roy something to do as, apart from the mobile phone story, he's not had that much to do since Hayley died and it is a waste of a good actor to just have him hand out pie and chips or a frothy coffee each ep. It's just a bit....samey. We know he'll (eventually) get off, we know Roy will be the latest in a long line of wrongly imprisoned people and yet D.S. Swain will keep her job. Perhaps the writers room was reminiscing about the good old days of Free The Weatherfield One and Tony Blair asking questions in parliament and they wanted to Make Corrie Great Again.
Alya and Rich sitting at a table in the Bistro in Coronation Street

Whilst Deedee sobs at her failure to keep Roy out of chokey, Adam is having a better day. Flipping off a meeting with boring old Fabian's, he meets an attractive new client, Rebecca, at the Bistro and soon is back at the solicitor's to mix a little business with pleasure. Alya meanwhile has taken the meeting with Rich Fabian and impressed him with her spreadsheets, so much so that he offers her a job. For nine months perhaps? Anyway, the two things collide and Adam is left frustrated and without an admin assistant as Alya storms off. You know how some actors come in for one ep and steal the scene so effectively (Beth, Gemma, Glenda) that you want to see more of them? Well, the opposite of that re: Rebecca.

Talking of scene-stealing, I love the way Debbie makes the most of every scene she's in whether it's wearing a natty little hat and talking about her lucky wraparound skirt ('80s kids will understand) or uncorking a bottle of red with a pop and an innuendo, she is great. More of Debbie please!

Coronation Street Soap Scoop! Roy in danger

Mason has done Toyah a big favour really. She loves going around counselling the cobbles folk, so Maria asking for some (free) informal counselling will keep Toyah in helpful suggestions for some time. I suppose Maria has had mental health problems before (when she was stalking Tyrone), so it makes sense that her anxiety over her son is getting the better of her. Leanne doesn't want her sister's help though, she's quite happy spilling her guts to creepy Rowan, who doesn't want her to invest in Simon's business (spite because Simon didn't sign up for any more modules, or because Rowan wants Leanne to invest in his scheme in order to increase her thetan levels?) To be honest, I thought Streetcars had done a deal with the Bistro to deliveroo their meals and Dev had Aadi cycling around with groceries?

And finally, there's some shenanigans with Stu and a tattoo and Eliza leaving. When is the tattooist going to get a set, a character and a storyline!?

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Sharon boothroyd said...

Despite the fact that they left with very little luggage, I think that's the last we've seen of Stu and Eliza.
They're leaving in droves - Peter and Tracy Barlow, Simon's going soon, Paul will be killed off, and Beth is also rumoured to be leaving.
I reckon Toyah will be leaving soon.
Allyah will be exiting soon to have her off- screen baby. I don't know whether she'll return after her maternity leave.
So Yasmeen will be alone - I suggest she takes in a lodger. Evelyn maybe or Gail? Bernie would be a good contrast!
I've read in the papers that Corrie is now cost cutting, so it might be good long while before know any new characters are brought in and old ones brought back.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Good..maybe then they'll stick to the formula of reality, which is what was the backbone of Corrie. Kitchensink drama. Look at how popular reality programs are, they're outpacing crime/cop shows (which is kindof what corrie is into now to hook the ratings...and failing miserably)
Roy Barraclough was right (Alec Gilroy)...he said a few years back that Corrie wouldn't be able to go on as they took the humour out of it. That was the thing about Coronation Street...the people didn't have a lot but they had humour in dark times. Much as we love Kirk...we need an Eddie and Stan, Rita and Mavis, Rita and Norris...we had a Tracy and Mary but they didn't make much use of them. Mores the pity.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I forgot to add that Summer has also left but she'll probably pop back from the states (as you do, with a 10 hour flight) for Paul's funeral.
I don't recall Eddie and Stan having any major story lines. They just sort of drifted along, didn't they?
It's a different kind of viewing audience now to the 1970's.
People tend to forget that in the 1970's, they were just 3 TV channels broadcasting regular content in the UK - and that was it!
Emmerdale farm was on in the afternoons, so it wasn't seen a serious drama. Corrie's only competition back then was Crossroads.
People would tune in, because there wasn't much choice.
We were all invested in Bet lynch's new earrings, Fred's bad back and Ivy moaning to hubby Bert.
Riveting stuff, eh?
This went on for decades. There was no reason bring in any major drama, with just 3TV channels.
Now they are competing with a hell of a lot.
There is still comedy there - David and Glenda make me laugh. The comedy characters such as Kirk, Brian, and Mary offer light moments in the dark drama plots.


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