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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Tony Maudsley interview: George discovers the truth about Archie Shuttleworth's will


This week, George chooses Eileen over Glenda as his power of attorney and really upsets her in the process! Why Eileen instead of his sister?

Why wouldn't you? I mean, the choice between Glenda and Eileen when it comes to legal business, you're not going to choose Glenda! I don't think he thinks anything of it. He just always sees her as his little kid sister. But on this occasion she's really offended. She's really offended that he's not thought of her first, but I can completely see why he's goes for sensible Eileen over fly by night Glenda! It's quite it's quite a responsibility to take that role on. And I don't think Glenda even realises is what it is, but she just decides to be offended and swans off. Unfortunately, this opens up a can of worms!

Todd does his usual meddling this week trying to suck up to George – how’s their relationship now after their tiff last year?

Well now that I’ve made him my partner, he’s quite happy. That’s a partnership made in heaven, me and Gareth Pierce [Todd] love working together. George is such a good guy. He wants to do the right thing. He's four years into his relationship with Eileen. He's four years of having Todd under his wing, and he wants to make sure that if he drops down dead that they're both going to be looked after. So, he hints to them that they will be looked after. But Todd being Todd, that's not enough for him. He goes snooping. He wants to see exactly what George is leaving him and he goes snooping around George's things in the Shuttleworth office. Then this will appears. It’s a will that none of us know about, it’s stuck at the back of a file. And this will very clearly states that Glenda should have been bequeathed 50% of everything. So it’s like – what do we do with that information? We don't know if it was Archie's last will because the date on it is smudged. So we don't know if he wrote this will and then died before he was able to get it to the solicitors. It's a bit of a quandary for everybody. It's a big loss for Todd, if Glenda gets 50% of what he thought he was going to get, so it's not in his interests. But it's sensible Eileen that sorts it out in the end before she goes off to Thailand to see Jason with his broken back. She says “I want this sorted now!” and she tells George that Todd has found this will, probably to appeal to George's better nature, knowing that George will want to do the right thing. 

How does George feel to discover this will?

So he is half protecting his little sister, who he loves dearly. He's half protecting his dad's legacy, which he has diligently looked after and kept going since Archie’s death. So he's in this quandary of not want to short-change his sister but also not wanting to hand her half a business that she’s going to sink into the ground in five seconds, if she gets her hands on it!  He's not about to do his sister over, he wants the absolute best for her, but he's also very aware that Glenda’s not the sharpest tool in the box and she gets her hands on money, she's gonna blow it on something and send both George and the company into an early grave. He tries to squeeze out of Glenda what she’d do with the money and of course her response is “I’m going to spend it all on Little Big Shotz. Singing, dancing and chasing spaceships around the community centre.

If Glenda discovers George has kept it from her, how do you think it will change their relationship?

As we all know, money does strange things to people, doesn't it? I think initially, she's just going to hold her hand out and wait for a big fat cheque! George, thinking of his own welfare, the work he's put into the business, and also Glenda’s welfare, thinking what will become of her if she had all this money to play with. He's thinking very carefully. So I'm not sure Glenda is going to get what she wants. straightaway. There's going to be a bit of a battle there. And she's in a position where she's not got much money. She's renting a little room off Jenny over pub. So life for Glenda, although she's happy, it's not great. It could be better. And if she sees these pound signs in her eyes, there may be no turning back!

Do you think George will wrestle with guilt if he doesn’t tell her?

Absolutely.  I think from George’s point of view it was always odd that Glenda wasn't left much by their father. I think he understood why because Glenda has always been into high kicking on the high seas, and singing songs. She’s Little Miss Showbiz, she always was, she was never a responsible kid. She couldn’t even look after her pets properly. Pets died and she went and got another one or she’d wait for a new fad to kick in and say she wanted a terrapin. Things like that. So George knows that she's not a responsible person. He's just got to tread very carefully. And I'm sure George being George, he’ll want the best outcome for everyone.

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