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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Rob Mallard interview: Daniel wrongly accused of murder

Daniel has been through so much over the years and can’t seem to catch a break. This week he has been wrongfully accused of Lauren’s murder. Where is Daniel’s head at? 

His head is all over the place. He does seem to lurch from one tragic event to another. I think he has this complex about saving people so he’s naturally drawn to situations where he can have the chance to be a bit of a hero. 

DS Swain calls at the flat and asks Daniel to go with her for questioning as there’s been a development in the case, does he realise at this point that he’s the one under suspicion? 

No, he didn’t realise he was under suspicion at all. He just thinks it’s because he tutored Lauren. Daniel is very naive about the whole thing, because he does care about his job and takes it very seriously, he takes teaching the kids seriously, he naively didn’t understand that when that evidence would be stacked up, it does look like he had given a lot away for free and most people with a cynical mind would think that there was something that was going on. 

Daniel has been wrongfully accused and questioned by the police previously due to the nature of his relationship whilst tutoring Summer. Daniel formed quite a wholesome relationship with Lauren to help her better herself so how does he feel to be in this situation again after having only good intentions? 

Wrongly accused once again… I think he's very confused because he tries his best to be a good person. I think he is just genuinely confused as to why he keeps ending up in the cross hairs of these situations. I think Daniel goes into situations sometimes without actually thinking it through, to again be a bit of a hero, which ultimately leads to him being tangled up. 

How betrayed will Daniel feel to realise that his Sister in Law (Carla) has allowed Bobby to place the blame on Daniel to take the heat off of Roy? 

Oh massively betrayed! Daniel and Carla have got a long history with each other and they even had a bit of a fling. Daniel made a promise to Peter that he would keep an eye on Carla and treat her as one of the family whilst he is away. This is a massive betrayal from someone, who he thought wouldn’t ever do something like that to him, so I think this will completely change the dynamic between him and Carla. 

This week, Bethany reads an article stating that Lauren has been working as an escort which gives Daniel the idea to call Nicky. Obviously he’s desperate to clear his name, but does Daniel realise the detrimental effect that this could cause for him? 

Absolutely not and this is a prime example of Daniel trying to do something good and inadvertently making a complete mess of things. Daniel doesn’t think that this would blow back on him, to be seen out and about with Nicky, he’s just trying to clear his name and get the information that can redirect the attention of DS Swain. 

Unbeknown to Daniel, Max follows him and snaps pictures of him talking to Nicky and her friend. Max has always had it in for Daniel, but do you think Daniel having a go at Max earlier in the day has handed him a smoking gun to now go after him? 

Yeah, definitely. I do think Daniel has a right to be suspicious of Max, after all Max has made some serious attempts to ruin Daniel’s life like when he accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with a student which wasn’t true and now he’s trying to take his freedom away by getting him locked up for something he didn’t do. Obviously this time when Daniel accuses Max of setting him up, Daniel had the wrong end of the stick but that’s because he doesn’t even consider for a second that it could be someone else trying to blame him. 

Obviously this means Kimberly Hart-Simpson will make her return as Nicky. You’ve worked closely with Kimberley over the years, how does it feel to have her back?

It’s great having Kimberly back! Nicky is a good Corrie character and we really do have a great time working together. The nature of the storylines that Kimberley has can actually be quite funny to play out so we do have a laugh filming them. I’m thrilled to have her back. 

Bethany seems to be a great support for Daniel, but with Nicky back on the scene as well as everything that’s happened with Daisy, do you think this could throw a spanner in the works for Daniel and Bethany’s relationship? 

Yeah, it definitely has the potential to do so. Bethany had left before Daniel started meeting Nicky and to be honest, Nicky was almost like a coping strategy for Daniel to deal with the fact that Bethany had gone as well as Sinead. So, if Bethany knows that then I think she will be suspicious to say the least - and rightly so, especially with what Nicky does for a living and their history. 

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