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Monday 1 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday April 1

Monday 1st April 2024

STEVE’S BIN AND MADE A BAD DECISION Steve reads the letter from Tommy inviting Tracy to move to Spain with him and hides it. Over lunch in the Bistro, Tracy admits to Amy that she misses having a man in her life. Steve returns home and is taken aback to find Tracy there and as he reaches into his pocket for Tommy’s letter, he stops in his tracks when Tracy announces she’d like them to get back together. Tracy assures Steve that Tommy was a stupid mistake and promises she’s back for good. As Steve heads out for a celebratory bottle of wine, a subdued Tracy watches him go. When Steve reveals that he and Tracy are back together, Dev is horrified and refuses to serve him. After suggesting that they go to the pub instead, Tracy heads out and Steve burns Tommy’s letter, determined to save his marriage. Will Steve be able to hide this from Tracy? 

DAISY’S SPENDING IS A CAUSE OF CONCERN FOR JENNY As Daisy climbs out of Tim’s taxi with her shopping bags, Bethany reckons she must have spent a fortune but Daisy snaps that it’s all from the charity shops in Alderley Edge. In the Rovers, an intrigued Bethany overhears Jenny tearing a strip off Daisy for spending so much money on her shopping spree and points out that they need to keep a low profile money-wise. Tim lets slip that he picked Daisy up from the centre of Manchester and Bethany realises she was lying. Is Bethany coming close to uncovering the truth about Daisy?

GARY HAS A PLAN TO HELP MARIA David tells Maria that if she doesn’t return to work very soon, Audrey will look to replace her. Maria confides in Gary that she’ll lose her job if she doesn’t return soon and although they need the money, she doesn’t feel ready to leave Liam. Gary approaches Carla and tells her he’s thinking of selling the factory building and he’d like her to have first refusal but Carla admits there’s no way she can afford it. Maria waits for Gary to go out and then pulls out a box from her bag and opens it.

ELSEWHERE Hope calls at the Kabin and asks Brian for a paper round and when Brian confirms that there is a vacancy, Hope asks for an advance on her wages and explains that there’s a guy in the precinct flogging a cheap laptop and she needs the cash. Linda collects Joseph to take him for his school uniform fitting but to Gemma’s dismay, Chesney insists that he’ll pay for it. When Chesney reveals that he’s trying to get the money together for Joseph’s new school uniform, Dev has an idea…  

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that the laptop that Hope wants to buy is Paul's that was stolen in the Rovers?
I could just see it now Hope erasing Paul's voice recordings and Fiz defending her daughter again!


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