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Saturday 27 April 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 26 April 2024

Whilst I am sure the team at ITV Studios are keen to deliver excellent drama I do wonder at the moment if someone has twisted the quality dial downwards.  I shall say more on this later.  Two stories dominate tonight.  Optimism abounds at the caf√© (although Bernie expresses doubts) as the statement provided by Bobby means that Dee Dee can again ask for bail rather than Roy being remanded into prison,  So we see Roy, having eaten little, in handcuffs being moved from prison to the court where in the well of the court events are observed by Bobby, Carla and Nina.  Dee Dee lays out the new "evidence" and Bobby continues to look incredibly shifty.  Dee Dee asks for a return to Roy's previous bail conditions.  It is soon clear that the judge does not believe a word of Bobby's statement and given his close links (via Carla) to Roy and the assault and previous conviction she determines the nation (and Weatherfield) are safer if Roy stays on remand.  Roy praises Dee Dee but says he now wants time to think through events.  At the Rovers Nina is downing the alcohol to treat her distress.  Roy rings and asks for Carla to visit.  Once Carla arrives Roy tells her that he has realised the Bobby maybe lying.  She claims it was her idea.  She tries to convince him that the police are now looking for someone else.  Roy realises how serious it has become and returns to his cell.  Somewhat later Roy phones DS Swain.  Carla knows he has to do the right thing.

Steve is pursuing Demi on a dating website and it gives Tim and Steve a chance for some comedy.  Tim grabs Steve's phone and sends a simple message - "Do you fancy going out?".  Kevin and Abi observe the fun.  Later Steve has heard nothing and checks the dating app - to find that she was so scared she has deleted her profile completely!  Abi looks at Steve's profile - where he is holding the smallest fish he has ever caught.  Abi suggests another app for £16/month.  He grumbles.  

Amy has the job but no-one to interview as she tells Bernie.  The latter however knows a good subject when she hears one and after some skullduggery offers up Paul as Amy's first real victim.  He is initially reluctant but eventually agrees once Bernie points out that he has a perfect face for radio.  

Dee Dee and Alya chat - the latter has the largest handbag you have ever seen - I have had smaller briefcases.  Alya re-assures Dee Dee that she is doing the best she can. 

Eyelash is off to Thailand (or appearing on stage) to sort out Jason's broken back but before she goes she tells George and Todd that by the time she returns the mystery of the Archie's will and the bequest to Glenda had better have been disclosed to Glenda and the matter resolved as she does not want it to be a problem.  George does not really know how to progress the matter at the moment but asks Glenda what she would do if she won the lottery - apparently she would like to buy out Estelle Harrington, owner of Little Big Shotz, who has financial problems at present.

The second dominant story concerns Leanne and her activities with the Alto institute.  Toyah seems to have recovered well overnight from offloading her newly documented history and wants to work but Leanne tells her to take a day off.  Nick and Leanne argue over nothing - but Leanne is radiating a lot of negativity whilst constantly preaching positivity.  Rowan turns up at the Bistro and on seeing him Leanne decides she wants to do her first ""upload", so they head to the flat and when R'Toyota has finished her walk she finds Nick struggling in the Bistro so wades in to assist.  Rowan refers to Leanne as "an infected individual" "prioritising others over their own well-being".  He continues by saying there is no such thing as shame.  He also promises that whatever she says it will not be shared - then he takes her to a  pretend cottage where "she has to unpack the cases" - she starts with Oliver.  She says that "Oliver had to die for all the bad things she has done".  Rowan gets to hear about about "the men" and the way they treated her.  And about the restaurant she burned down.  Having spilled all the dirt what Leanne does not realise is that Rowan - who tells her she can now log all her positivity when she reality-codes - has the whole lot recorded on his phone and then tells her not to take on anyone else's problems.  Rowan keeps smiling to himself when no-one is watching.  

She tells Nick she is feeling less troubled and says they must stop rowing and she wants no more negativity.  Later Toyah says she does not want to talk to Rowan - she wants to talk to her sister but Leanne demurs.  But Toyah says she went to where Rosie is ... at which point Leanne interrupts -she cannot share Toyah's pain - "I have to prioritise myself".  And walks away from her sister.  R'Toyota feels completely bereft.  

Concerning the Toyah retcon I am indebted to AJ on X 
 who has a thread revisiting Toyah and her behaviour six months after the rape - including the stomach of a supermodel.  My memory may not be perfect and I understand that the rape was traumatising - but given Oliver and much else this story (which Emmerdale did in the last couple of years) is damaging the whole time / space continuum without a police box in sight.  This story should never have been approved for airing.

I think I had my say on Roy last week so can I turn my attention to the Alto Institute?  Simon, Sam, Nick and Toyah all consider it nonsense - how is it that Leanne cannot hear any of them?  And would you tell a near stranger about breaking the law?  Against that I am enjoying the way the language just flows out of Rowan's mouth - he really does have it off pat!

Written by Ian Kershaw and directed by David Beauchamp.



Fluttershy said...

Remember when Eileen used to work in the cab office bickering with Steve and Tim (or Lloyd) then getting in a catfight with Gail? She used to be my favourite character. She's been as dull as dishwasher for years now. Plus Sue Cleaver's new Ozempic face look doesn't suit her. Sad to say, won't miss her, which is something I thought I'd never say about the "old" Eileen.

And totally agree with you about the Toyah storyline. What were the writers smoking?

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Toyah story has come out of nowhere. I accept real-life stories often do but it looks contrived on screen. As someone has already said, we seem to be edging towards a near-affair with Nick. I don't care much for Toyah but the actress is handling it well enough. No doubt, she will be explaining her character's behaviour in a Q and A interview. As for the comment about why would Leanne not listen to all the people trying to warn her off Rowan, that is actually very believable. We are observing her situation in the same way as her family. Of course it looks ridiculous to us but Rowan is very clever and people get duped all the time. Just read the newspapers. And, yes, she might well tell a complete stranger something that she wouldn't tell her loved ones, especially as she feels he wouldn't judge her.

Kosmo said...

I might have a bit harsh on Leanne - and both actresses (Toyah and Leanne) are not my target - only the people in the background.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I agree with you about Eileen, fluttershy. She's lost too much weight and now she's very gaunt. It doesn't suit her. The character is also very miserable. I'd say that Eileen is suffering from depression.
I like how someone as edgy and gritty as Leanne is duped into the therapy cult. It is believable, especially when rowan turns those nearest to her away and say they don't understand her grief around Oliver. Jane danson reduced me to tears in her brief monologue.
The toyah baby story is utterly absurd. I sometimes wonder how the Corrie team expect the cast to take a storyline seriously.


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