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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 17 April 2024

Wednesday 17th April 2024

DANIEL’S OLD JACKET ATTRACTS SOME FUZZ Bobby’s face pales as he receives a call summoning him to the station for further questioning. In the prison, Roy refuses his breakfast and refuses to leave his cell. DS Swain gives a shaken Bobby a grilling and reminds him that perverting the course of justice is a serious offence and carries a custodial sentence. Bobby returns home and tells Carla how under pressure he made out to DS Swain that the intruder in Lauren’s flat was wearing a balaclava and a dark coat with a fur-trimmed hood. When Bobby reveals that he’s changed his statement as he suddenly remembered seeing a man running out of Lauren’s flat, Cassie, Evelyn and Nina listen with interest. Cassie tells Evelyn and Nina that not long after Lauren’s disappearance, she remembers seeing a coat in the charity shop fitting the description Bobby gave. Evelyn and Cassie return from the charity shop and tell Nina that the coat has gone but there were some other clothes that came in with it and one of the jumpers has a name tag. DS Swain calls at the builder’s yard flat and tells Daniel she’d like him to come with him as there’s been a development in the Lauren Bolton case. Has Bobby unknowingly accused Daniel? 

ALYA STEPS ON ADAM’S TOES Alya tells Yasmeen that she’s decided to accept the job offer from Rich. In the solicitors, Adam and Dee-Dee struggle without Alya to organise them. Rich takes Alya for lunch in the bistro, congratulates her on such a successful morning and tells her that she’s exactly what Fabian’s needs and she’ll go far. Adam receives an email from his biggest client informing him that they’re transferring their work to Fabian’s. How will Adam react to Alya poaching their business? 

SEAN AND DYLAN MOVE ON TO PRECINCTS NEW Having borrowed the Underworld van, Kirk helps Sean and Dylan move their stuff out of No.11 and offers to drop Dylan and Liam at school. In the caf√©, Mary tells Eileen that having called at Sean’s new flat, it’s clear that they’re very short of furniture and the place is desperate for a facelift. As Sean moves the last of his things out of No.11, Mary hands him a house-warming gift in the shape of a candle. 

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Joel opens up to Dee-Dee and reveals that Emily has been in touch and she’d like him to meet Maeve, his daughter. In Speed Daal, Eliza admits to Sam and Hope how much she’ll miss them. Stu tells Yasmeen that he really wants to make things work, but it’s up to her. 

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Anonymous said...

A dark coat with a fur-trimmed hood?! Isn't that what practically every young man wears?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Bobby[or Max has never been formally questioned by the police?
He's been lying and making false accusations against Roy all through the investigation of Lauren's disappearence and now it looks as though Daniel will be arrested due to Bobby's latest lie and yet the police aren't suspicious of Bobby?
I also agree with the above poster about the coat and the storyline is getting ridiculous now.Sean has a dark coat with a trimmed hood,will he be questioned too?


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