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Saturday 23 December 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 22 December 2023

Good evening.  On screen I think it is Christmas Eve which is slightly confusing as is some of the storyline as all sorts turn up tonight.  We open with Jenny and Daisy announcing in the Kabin that they have almost done the deal on the Rovers - with a new bank being far more helpful and indicating that it is in Jenny's name - in reality Daisy will be named on the deeds so watch that go wrong in a few years' time - just a phone call to get everything done and dusted.  Later in the day Jenny takes that call from the estate agents and apparently although they met the asking price there are counter bidders so it is going to go to sealed bids.  And of course huge uncertainty now reigns.

Aggie will not be home for Christmas remaining in Birmingham where Ed thinks of joining her but his day goes from bad to worse to absolutely terrible.  Ronnie is refusing to take deposits on the new flats as they are not far enough along but Ronnie has a cash flow problem about which he cannot tell anyone. Tony the unpaid sub-contractor is constantly on the phone and harassing Ed for his money to fund his Christmas, no doubt some pay day loan company is also tracking Ed's every move..  Tony physically makes his point to Ed that he needs paying and then tells Ed that all of the presents wrapped under the tree are to go in a black plastic bag and thence to the pawn show to give Tony some cash towards his family Christmas.  

Peter is sensing the passing of his life feeling unfulfilled and is looking forward to Trivial Pursuit with Ken on Christmas Day.  Peter is going to a "family and friends special" of AA later and Carla agrees to accompany him.  At the factory Sarah has done well and has the new client signed up - the factory is on the road to financial recovery and this news helps re-assure Jenny that she has made the right decision over the money.  Carla has no idea what to get Peter for Christmas.  At the meeting (which is being held in the Community Centre in front of the window on to Victoria Street - so hardly hiding the identity of the participants) and Peter finally opens up under pressure from Carla.  He says he feels empty, that the light has gone out, he spoke to Val from the kidney donor's family and he is doing nothing with his life - at least he has one when compared to the dead donor, yet Peter feels like nothing.  His days just repeat and he is living without hope.  Sleepwalking through life without any ambition - he feels he should be doing something in the same way that he can see Carla is fighting for the factory's survival.  Yet he is not having a mid-life crisis and he does love Carla - but he does not know who he is.  And then Carla's phone rings - not the factory but Rob (remember Rob? - Donovan - not the singer but Tracy's ex who murdered Tina McIntyre who kissed Peter to start an affair on the day he married Carla) phoning from prison as he keeps trying to contact her.  So Peter's problems are immediately overshadowed by Rob.  Later Carla returns to the factory and buys Peter what she calls a high risk present - but we are not let in on the secret.

Roy's back is playing up as is the Woody.  The Winifred Houltby book has been located in Edale and in the absence of the Woody Cassie "borrows" a rather nice Porsche Cayenne which enables high speed navigation of the Snake Pass to reach Edale and return in the same time as the Woody would take to get half way there (btw the Snake Pass is one of the less exciting of hill passes in the UK).  Book secured the car is returned and all is well until Cassie notices that there is a new scratch on the nearside rear wing - so she plants Abi's toolbox adjacent to the damage and locks up the garage.  No-one will ever know it went for a little trip (poor garage policy not to record mileage on arrival and on departure to ensure there is no misuse).  

Paul's wheelchair ran flat so they are late arrivals at the Little Big Shotz concert - just as it concludes.  However Joseph is talked into an encore of "Let it Snow" which is performed with aplomb.  Spot the quads who are all present.

When the Bailey family come in Ed makes them believe that he has been robbed - with evidence from the blow he received - coming into the house as the presents were being removed.  Craig is going to send SOCO - but there are no signs of forced entry - the back door must have been left unlocked.  Craig is going to check local CCTV which may prove interesting.  Any minute now Ed is going to have to tell the truth.

All of which lines us for next week.  I hope to be back for next Friday.

Written by Ella Greenhill and Cameron McAllister.  Directed by Kodjo Tsakpo.


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Geoff Kerr said...

We saw Roy and Cassie head off to Edale to collect the book for Evelyn. When they got back, we were told that Cassie did some exciting cornering on the Snake Pass. I think their geography has gone a bit astray unless she went all the way round via Ladybower, Bamford and Castleton. The direct route would be A6 to Chapel-en-le-Frith then via Mam Tor.


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