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Saturday 9 December 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 December 2023

Good evening.  A week has passed and in the usual way we are on some completely different stories tonight.  As we know Daniel is aware of Daisy's infidelity - but that she loves him and not Ryan.  Simon, who tipped off Daniel, cannot believe that Daisy is not on t'Street having been given her marching orders.  Daisy is a little surprised (see above) when Daniel returns from dropping off Bertie as he has decided they should spend the day together - once she has sorted her hair out!  Ryan has had a job offer from Carlos at the gym and will start next week if he accepts - but he needs to consider Crystal.  Carla, Ryan, Simon and Debbie celebrate the job offer loudly at the Bistro bar and Daniel overhears the details.  {Being a Matt Hilton episode the close up head shots of Daniel/Daisy are a treat to watch}.  Daniel visits the Connor flat using Simon's keys and then heads to the gym to pass on information about Ryan's steroid abuse, having presumably used an item from the flat to assist his story.

Evelyn is not sleeping and so was watching Kojak at 3am this morning - it is one of her guilty pleasures.  Roy observes that she is concerned for the welfare of the dog seen in Wednesday's episode.  The council are doing nothing and she has to get nibbles for the book club this evening - various snacks (and custard creams from anywhere except Dev's).  Roy knows his place and simply responds "Yes Evelyn" as she issues instructions to obtain Bombay (or should that be Mumbai?) Mix.  Later when she is at work she spots nasty dog man Terry Fensley (Jamie Foster) abusing his dog again by leaving it in his van.  With a disguise (above) Evelyn extracts the poor pooch from the van using the unlocked side door and takes her back to the cafe but Roy says the dog cannot stay because of Freddie.  

Much of the events this evening concern the Dobbs extended family where Hope is celebrating her birthday and to show how responsible she now is Grannie Cassie decides that a "Ferris Bueller" day off is in order and they head off into town.  Ruby (who is saying a lot more since the head transplant) will not be amused.  Nor is Ty when his daughter and his mother are later sporting nose studs.  Hope gets grounded for a month (but she did have a birthday to remember).  

Evelyn solves her dog homing problem by decanting the pooch at number 9 where Ty is outnumbered by all the girls immediately wanting a dog in the house!  A planned video call to Fiz reverts to a simple phone call because the wifi is unreliable (oh no it isn't says Sam, oh yes it is choruses the room).  Ty also lies to Fiz about the elephant dog in the room.  Evelyn heads off to book club leaving the dog ensconced with the Dobbs with the girls promising to do the walking and feeding and Ty agrees that the dog can stay for a week.

Another strand consists of Asha, Nina and Rob (aka Shona).  Asha is attempting to get her studies up to date and practices bandaging Nina who wants it in black!    They are back on track when "Rob" sends a text message to Nina - which is actually Shona reminding Nina that she is due to cover in the cafe.  Asha sees the message as being from "Rob" and therefore thinks that Nina is lying.  She later checks up on Nina at the cafe (where she is working).  Nina is forced to explain the deceit which Shona organised and they descend into another row with Asha storming away.  Asha explains the story to Amy who reckons that Asha and Nina need a proper chat.  Nina attempts to apologise - but Asha explains that she is worried about her - being like she was after Seb died.  Nina does not accept it and the two of them argue again - especially when Nina admits she made up her earlier outings with college friends.  Asha leaves again.

Christmas is coming and in a replay of Roy's Rolls opening for Christmas this year the Bistro is going to be the "go to" location as Yasmeen and Stu agree to provide an alternative Christmas as Eliza is not joining them.  She is in the Bistro later and needs to change clothes before being collected by her father who is taking her to meet her other grandparents for the first time as they will be spending Christmas Day there.  Dom is late collecting Eliza having gone awol once again.   Dom turns up slightly the worse for wear with the usual range of excuses.  Eliza forgives him.  Stu is not amused.  

Just before the mid-episode break Ryan receives a text message advising that his job offer has been rescinded.  Carla and Ryan storm off to find out why - Carla observes that no-one treats her family like this.  On arrival at the gym they are given the brush off but Carla wants answers.  Ryan makes her see sense and they return to the Street.  It means that Ryan can rethink in Victoria Gardens where he can tell Daisy and Daniel that the gym job is off.  Daniel reckons the universe is telling Ryan that he can still go north and Ryan is soon telling Crystal that Glasgow is his preferred destination.  Daniel, collecting a take-away, is pleased that his ruse has removed his rival.

As a change from being Mr Moanalot I thought I would tonight reflect on the children.  Over the years the team in the background have delivered some amazing performances from the Street urchins, currently Sam, Eliza, Hope, Joseph, Dylan and Mason can provide some amazing performances and yet make it all seem so natural.  Stretching back to the past among others were Davy Jones, Joe Gilgun, Dawn Acton (when not playing her tapes), Warren Jackson, Sam Aston and Alex Bain who all made contributions - but the current youngsters are being given real stories and being observed as they grow and develop - and remaining true to the back streets.  So a word of thanks to all those involved in finding and bringing this talent to our living rooms.

And tonight Roy referred to table 7 needing cleaning - does he have seven tables and are they really numbered?

Written by Mark Burt.  Directed by Matt Hilton.



Anonymous said...

Why didn't Stu or Yazmeen ask Dom if he was safe to drive after all that boozing?

Abercrombie said...

Didn't want to rock the boat, I imagine. Thereby potentially putting Eliza at risk.


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