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Sunday 3 December 2023

Daniel Discovers Daisy's Affair! : Corrie Love Triangle Becomes A Foursome?

Way back in April, I attended one of my most memorable and emotional Corrie press days. Luckily enough to get a preview of the acid attack episodes, I gasped as Ryan dropped to the Rovers floor in agony, burning from the sulphuric acid. Daisy dragging him to the shower in her wedding dress may have been a symbolic harbinger of her relationship with Daniel, but we had no idea at that time. With the marriage never being mentioned again, the wedding ring disappeared - and Ryan and Daisy's emotional entanglement and subsequent affair began. Daniel has had some vague suspicions and nearly caught them in the act at the hotel recently. This week, the teacher finally catches Daisy out. Add Bethany Platt to the mix (Daniel’s ex) who's returning any time between now and 2024, and I wonder if this love triangle of the year is about to turn into a foursome? 

Daniel and Daisy argue over the kitchenette

Back in October, Corrie Blog caught up with Corrie producer Iain Macleod, who told us what's to come this Christmas and New Year as this love triangle explodes! 

Hi Iain, What can you tell us about Ryan, Daniel, Daisy and the return of Bethany? 

‘’I’ll start by saying that I love this love triangle - I veer from week to week from being ‘Team Daniel and Daisy’ to ‘Team Ryan and Daisy! Normally, in soaps like ours, when you have an affair, you end up having to make one person behave badly to orchestrate the cheating, but this has been so organic from the start. I entirely understand Daisy’s feelings for Daniel and the depth of those, but I also understand the (depth of) feelings she’s got for Ryan, having survived this terrible ordeal. I don't know who I am rooting for!’’

Daniel sees footage of Daisy & Ryan together?

Daisy’s feelings for Ryan can't go undiscovered forever. Is he due to find out anytime soon? 

''He does indeed start to cotton on, (to what's been going on between them) and the feelings they have for each other. (Daniel realises) the betrayals they’ve committed behind his back. There are intense sequences where Daniel starts to put the pieces together. We see a slight revisiting of some of Daniel's darkness (not quite to the extent of pushing anyone down the stairs) but, what we know about him'' Iain continued ''is that when pushed into an emotional corner, a switch goes. He’s capable of doing some fairly underhand, and classically dark things. We’ll see flashes of that as the story unfolds and some classic soapy manipulation on his part, to try and distance Ryan and Daisy, as quickly and as fair apart as possible. Ultimately, it all comes crashing down: there are some fantastic scenes concerning the end of that (Daniel and Daisy) relationship!''

Daisy contemplates wearing tartan

Where does that leave Daisy? 

‘’There are some big dilemmas for Daisy: if it's not Daniel, then does she choose Ryan purely because he is the default setting? Ryan is also quite vulnerable - he could get his heart trampled on. In the middle of all this, a volatile cocktail arrives with Bethany, who has all of this history with Daniel, and that sharpens Daisy’s focus in terms of how she feels about him''

Ryan and Daisy's Last Christmas?

What can we expect in the New Year, with Bethany adding to this Ryan, Daisy, and Daniel story? 

‘’ A brilliant classic soap story, I think. Without duplicating anything, we are attempting to go to something that has the same level of emotional heft as some of those classic affairs of yore: Mike and Deirdre stuff, like a love triangle of the ages. It's (the storyline) going to go deep into next year as buried feelings come back to the surface with a bang or two! Bethany is a different proposition this time around. (She has) the beginnings of a successful journalism career, and is now an equal foe for Daisy. Bethany is coming back for this Daniel story and is also involved in a huge storyline coming up this next year ''

Thanks, Iain! 

I think the acid-attack storyline (although utterly shocking) has given us a plethora of classic Corrie drama, and as this love triangle becomes a foursome, it looks like plenty more is still to come!

Watch Corrie this week on ITV & ITVX as Daniel begins to discover Daisy’s affair. 

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