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Saturday 2 December 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 1 December 2023

Good evening.  The story opens this evening in the Kate Oates Weatherfield General Hospital where Gemma and Chesney are at Joseph's bedside briefly before Gemma departs to prepare a Christmas for Bernie as previously promised with Joseph being discharged later and able to participate.  Billy is also getting in the Christmas spirits early and presents Paul with his and his jumpers for the day.  Dev is in the shop already in full elf wear ready for later.  Just as Chesney is about to head home with Joseph the nurse introduces Caitlin Edwards who is part of the Child Protection Team - the storm clouds gather.

Michael is worried about Sgt Bilko who went out early and has gone missing.  Ed tells him not to worry - Sarge will be staying for Christmas.  It is clear that a portion of the money which Ronnie provided has now been spent on presents as he comes back loaded with shopping.  (Indeed how did he pay for the air fare? - this story has more holes than gorgonzola).  Sarge later assures Ed that he has only bought small gifts - but he feels he has to give some presents.  Sarge confirms he is staying until Christmas at least.

It is officially Lauren's birthday and Max wishes her happy birthday before telling her that he knows she cannot afford that watch and he really thinks she should return it.  Shona overhears this, so when later Bernie tells Shona that the till was short yesterday, Shona's head adds two and two and the answer is that she believes that Lauren robbed Roy and so suspends Lauren from her shifts at the caf√©.  Lauren did not take any money - as Shona finds when she lifts out the cash tray and finds the missing notes underneath the tray.  Shona goes round to the precinct to apologise to Lauren.  Lauren delivers a cock and bull story about a rich boyfriend, loaded and drives a BMW - she refuses re-instatement and slams the door in Shona's face.   Max and Sabrina go round to Lauren's and although she is initially frosty but as they have brought cider and cake she thaws.  However the combination unsettles Max's stomach and after being sick, the two girls gang up on him and Sabrina has to take Max home!  Lauren suggests that they should do it again sometime - and Max suggests same time next year once he has recovered.  All laugh.  

Crystal pops into the Bistro and arranges with Ryan to visit some bars later in the day.  Noticeably the scars are less bright red than they were .  He also takes an "interesting" phone call - but the content is not clear, merely something he intends to consider by the end of the day.  Anyway Crystal is otherwise occupied and they do not go out - but Ryan reveals to Leanne that he has had a job offer from a big gym who saw his livestream and they have offered him a job heading their social media team - he will be the face of the company!  He has to do an audition.  Leanne assures him that they will manage and he should go for it.

Asha is lunching with Isla and Miles who is a more senior paramedic and they tell some stories from the paramedic world.  Asha bigs up Nina as a fashion designer but when the latter arrives she puts the record straight and later challenges Asha on telling the truth.  Nina asks if Asha fancies Isla.  Things are not going well.  Asha heads to the caf√© much later and tells Nina that she will only spend time with Isla at work.  However Nina says she cannot trust Asha if she tells lies.  They both agree to try and forget about this.  They hug.

So we have a great early Christmas at number 5 as the family open presents, read the cracker jokes (we'll have Narnia of them here) and have the Nana singalong with everyone in full voice.  In particular Bernie has tracked down the Tekno Robo Puppy which Paul wanted many years ago and it starts walking along the table.  Much laughter, much fun and when Paul laughs it is recorded for his  voice collection for his talking machine.  Chesney and Joseph arrive just as the turkey is about to be served accompanied by the doom machine and Christmas turns turkey as Ms Edwards wants to interview Gemma NOW and somewhere quiet.  They head to Billy's flat.

Gemma tells her story and Joseph tells his but the doom machine has already decided that Gemma is an unfit mother and has to removed from the family household - and just how is Chesney going to manage the five children?  This is so impractical (and as Bernie reminds us she is going to be residing at His Majesty's Pleasure on Monday) as Gemma has to be supervised by an approved adult if she spends time with her children.  Voice of Doom claims it is normal procedure - I really honestly hope that this is not a true reflection of the way such things work.  Billy says Gemma can move in with them until the investigation is over.  Later Paul seeks to comfort his sofa surfing sister and all have accepted the necessity of the situation.  Gemma stares at a family photo. Roll credits.

Good points - the Christmas scenes before the roof fell in were great fun.  As I think I have said previously the Ed gambling story is not my cup of tea and he is going to be forced to hide it as he would not want it coming out in front of his father - whose own storyline is a mess and I suspect not what was originally planned.  It is good to see Max / Lauren / Sabrina working together and I assume that Gav ought to be around.  I have had my say about social services already, I wonder if it could be used as an additional explanation to enable Bernie to avoid being sent down?

Written by Mark Wadlow and Joe Turner.  Directed by David Beton.


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