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Sunday 31 December 2023

Rovers Return Reopens Tonight! : Have We Missed It?

It's a Christmas miracle wrapped up in Carla Connor's money but hey ho, at least we start the New Year with the Rovers Return reopening. I can't say I’m pleased about Daisy and Jenny money laundering (it's a soap, repercussions will come) but have we missed Weatherfield’s N0.1 watering hole?

Where would we be without Betty’s hotpots, pints of Newton & Ridley, and the numerous dramatics we've had in our favourite fictional pub? The Bistro probably does better food, and Speed Daal is a dry bar/takeaway alternative, but The Rovers Return Inn is a behemoth of Coronation Street, a literal cornerstone of the show's 63-year history.

Many fans will be happy to see it reopen, none more so than Corrie producer Iain Macleod, who was reluctant to keep it closed for so long. The blog spoke with the showrunner in October and he told us all about the pub reopening. Iain said ‘’It's almost a character in its own right, The Rovers closing, it almost felt like death: I think. The idea of seeing the pub boarded up was horrifying and like a dagger to the heart’’ Iain also told us: “ It (reopens) on New Year's Eve, but the circumstances of it becoming open again are at best naughty, or at worse criminal’’

How will the reopening come about? 

"The reopening of it will be based on this slightly shaky foundation of a criminal act. The viewers will be left wondering what will happen to the people involved in the misdeed committed for it to reopen. We didn't just want it to open up again and be like nothing had ever happened. We wanted it to open up with a buried bomb underneath it, which we will explode later in the year!"

Will the Rovers be renovated for the reopening? 

“It's not going to look radically different. I think certain sets, I'm not saying they shouldn't ever change, but I certainly feel like I don't want it to be modernised or turned into a chain pub or something. It's updated a touch, but I like the look and feel of it at the moment. It will reopen looking very similar, the circumstances of its ownership will be much more fraught’’ 

Thanks, Iain!

With the end of 2023 in sight, I'd like to thank our editor, Glenda, the Coronation Street press team, and lovely readers for keeping me busy with Corrie cast interviews, episode reviews, and opinion pieces. Happy New Year Everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think the Rovers' reopening is tainted by the theft of Carla's money and Jenny's and Daisy's sense of entitlement to it.
Since it's likely that Carla may need the money to jeep the factory going in the future,I hope the 'bomb'explodes sooner rather than later and the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

How has Jenny managed to bypass the money laundering checks when buying with cash??

Anonymous said...

Very poor storyline. Jenny and Daisy, basically moral law-abiding characters, have now joined the ever-increasing band of Corrie criminals. It's unlikely they'd get away with it, and nor should they. The money belongs to Carla. Jenny was main beneficiary of Stephen's will. Did he actually have any assets that Jenny could use to buy the Rovers? I've completely lost track.


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