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Sunday 17 December 2023

Daisy’s Dumped! Corrie Blog:Charlotte Jordan Interview

At the end of last Friday’s episode, we saw Daisy’s devastation as Daniel ended their relationship and Ryan reconciled with Chrystal. What now for the Rovers barmaid? Corrie blog had a chat with Charlotte Jordan who told us all about Daisy’s dark Christmas and her Rovers (New Year) resolutions! 

How is Daisy taking the break-up? 

In Daisy's fashion, she masks her true feelings with a face full of makeup and witty remarks - she is heartbroken. Fresh out of the break-up with Daniel, I think she’s hoping for reconciliation. They’ve always had such a fiery relationship. She’s left hoping and praying once he’s had a bit of time to take the initial sting away, she can convince him to make another go of it.

After losing both Daniel and Ryan, where is Daisy’s head? 

She’s having to regroup and refocus. These men at one time or another have been her sole focus for the last two-three years on the street. They (Corrie writers) are using the break-up to bring the dark side of her character back out! She’s going to lean into her morally corrupt tendencies. She feels she has nothing left to lose, so for lack of a better statement: The Bitch is Back. 

Daisy breaks into the Platts! 

How does Daisy feel about Ryan moving to Glasgow? 

Daisy genuinely wants what’s best for Ryan. She feels so indebted to him, that she’s confused about her gratitude for romantic feelings towards him. I hope people haven’t forgotten that Daisy is also traumatised from the Justin saga and hasn’t processed much of it herself as she’s focused all her energy on Ryan’s recovery. On-screen, we haven’t touched on her own. Hopefully, people remember she isn’t the straight-up bad guy in this love triangle, it’s more complex and layered than that. 

Do you think Daisy will see Bethany as a threat - given her and Daniel’s history? 

Oh god, absolutely! - she’s beautiful, she’s been told how successful Bethany is living it up in London - Daisy is a naturally jealous, territorial person. Bethany had that connection with Daniel when he was at his most vulnerable which will instantly put Daisy on high alert and I have to say it’s a relationship I’m looking forward to playing around with. 

Bethany Platt Returns! - Friend or Foe For Daisy?

Daisy seems to like a challenge when it comes to relationships - firstly with Ryan and Alya then the challenge with Daniel initially - does Bethany being back give Daisy that challenge and push to win Daniel back? 

Mmm, I wouldn’t necessarily refer to Daniel as a prize to be won - he’s also made some pretty manipulative moves which I think scream “red flag”. I can’t decide whether they need to go their separate ways for good or whether this has proved they’re more similar than we thought, maybe they’re made for each other! If Daisy sees Daniel happy with someone else it will crush her, especially if he moves on fast. But it will also force her to take accountability for what she’s done to their relationship. I think because deep down, she knows how royally she mucked it up, after the initial red mist fades she may want him to be happy but, we can live in the hope that he does eventually find his way back to her!

What would you like to see from Daisy in the coming months?

I’d like her to focus on the Rovers and focus on becoming a successful, mini, secret landlady. I’d also like her to turn the relationship with Bethany on its head. They’ve got a fair amount in common. I think there’s room for a solid friendship to blossom and then selfishly, I’d get some scenes with more of the Platts. I’d like that. Start throwing Daisy into different social circles on the show. I’ve been asking them to make Daisy and Todd pals for yonks! Me, desperately trying to get Daisy some friends! 

What will Daisy's dark side reveal? Watch #Corrie this week on ITV & ITVX as the drama unfolds! 

@rybazoxo Corrie Connoisseur and Cobble's superfan! 

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Anonymous said...

Daisy is the 'bad guy'in the love triangle.she played two men off each other for attention not caring ho gets hurt in the process and worse blaming Simon because he showed Daniel the video of her and Ryan discussing their one night stand.
As for manipulative acts,Daisy has been far worse than Daniel,gaslighting him by accusing him of being 'paranoid'that she was cheating on him with Ryan [which she was and he suspected as much].
Daisy also destroyed Ryan's and Alya's relationship when she gaslighted Alya into thinking that Ryan slept with her due to Daisy's jealousy over their relationship and yet Ryan loves her?!
I don't like the idea of Daisy stealing Carla's money that Stephen stole for the pub[I doubt Ryan wpuld approve.]/


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