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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 4th December

The storyliners love to put Gemma through the ringer, don't they? Not content with a dying brother, and an incarcerated mother, now she's accused of Munchausen's By Proxy and poisoning her step-son and is separated from the quads and Joseph. In fact it's pretty much all misery down on t'cobbles at the moment: we have Audrey's grief and guilt, Peter's anger and guilt, Amy's PTSD, Nina and Asha's arguments, Ed's gambling addition and Lauren's general unhappiness. What about a few fun stories? Some odd couple stuff about Roy and Evelyn sharing a flat? How about Maria is invited to a posh council Xmas do but Gary mistakes formal dress for fancy dress and resurrects that elf costume? Even some Tim/Steve badinage?

We do get a little bit of fun tonight as Gemma, taking umbrage at Bernie's sentence (3 months) takes on Big Garth, chucking all of his market items for sale from his van onto the ground, all the while screeching at him. That's the Gemma we know and some of us love! Unfortunately, Chesney rocking up to deal with BG means that he's late getting home and Gemma is with the kids, unsupervised, as Caitlin the social worker turns up and gives Gemma a final warning. Chesney berates Gemma and she runs off back to Paul and Billy's flat.

Meanwhile Isla and Asha bunk off studying to drink wine in the Bistro and talk about romance. Isla is considering dating women since her relationships with men haven't gone so well. Wouldn't it be very frowned upon for a mentor to have a relationship with a trainee? It's not surprising though that Asha is in Isla's thrall, we've seen previsouly that she is quite easily led/influenced. However, she rings up someone else and asks him/her/them to be her trainer, but unfortunately Nina, with some help from Shona, tries to make Asha jealous with some flirty fake texts.

In other news, Professional Scouser-Cum-Promoter Crystal asks Ryan to move to Glasgow with her. Crystal doesn't seem to be respecting the Corrie hierarchy here. Yes, Ryan may have disappeared before and come back with a different head but Ryan#3 has been on t'Street for 5 years now and you have a ten episode contract. He's not off to Scotland anytime soon, or at least I hope not.

Finally, Lauren receives some bling from her "boyfriend" and Cassie tries to organise a birthday party for Hope with party games such as Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. It's more likely to be six kids sitting around on their PS5s nowadays, Cassie. Hope is unimpressed anyway, telling Cassie that she'd only ruin it. I guess Hope's actual mum isn't coming back for her bday. Bit weird that no-one's mentioned the expense of the new Northampton office at the factory when it was all "We're one missed payment away from bankruptcy" the other week.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't find anything 'funny'about Gemma going after Big Garth,she made things worse for herself and Chesney.
It's Bernie's fault that she's in jail not Big Garth as Bernie was warned by her son and Dev not to get involved in any illegal schemes but Bernie didn't listen.
As for Gemma,[who got off easy from the social worker]maybe having the quads in foster care is the wake up call she needs to realise she needs to grow up, stop shouting at everyone and take responbility for her actions.

Brett Thomson-Hunter said...

Absolutely right. Bernie's past criminal record and her failure to learn from past lenient sentences proved key to her downfall.


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