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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Coronation Street Annual Awards 2023

Each year, I hand out my own personal awards to the Corrie cast and characters, part Inside Soap Awards, part Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Without further ado:

Best Actor: Ryan Prescott (Ryan Connor). Ryan's had very little to do over the past few years apart from steal for Debbie Webster and be a handsome lunk lurking in the background, using the Bistro as a drop-in point between home and the gym. It doesn't help that he's had three different heads during the character's time in the show but this version seems to have bedded in with both the viewers and the street's female population. He's had a time of it this year with the acid attack, catfishing, steroids, sex work, affair with Daisy, feud with Daniel and he has shown his acting chops when he's finally got an actual storyline to get said chops into.

Best Actress: Elle Mulvaney (Amy Barlow). Having graduated as a child actor on the soap, Elle has shown she has range and isn't just a Tracy clone. Out-acting some of the more seasoned actors on the show, the weary sorrow she carried around with her following the Aaron storyline was impressive for a 20 year old actor and she was also a very believable drunk.

Best Couple: Paul and Billy. Whether they're frotting on the sofa, getting illegally married in a church, trying to have sex in a bath, or just supporting each other, these two have charmed a nation. It helps that the pair have great chemistry (and Jonathan H and Damon A-R often writing for them). Can't believe I ever wanted Billy to get back with the Toddster.

Best Young Actor: William Flanagan (Joseph Winter-Brown). Joseph knows his lot in life and that's to be a long-suffering older sibling of the attention-hungry younger children. He was even accidentally poisoned this year. I look forward to his time as tearaway or an even more resigned teen.

Best Old Actor: Dame Maureen Lipman (Evelyn Plummer). The way Dame Maureen said "No, ta" to Tyrone's offer of a cup of tea whilst she prepared - unbeknownst to her grandson - to leave the street with her daughter back in June was an acting masterclass.

Villain of the year: No contest - it has to be Stephen. Whether spiking Carla with LSD, murdering people with hole punches, having inchoate rage in the bin area, breaking Elaine and Jenny's hearts, or lying his way out of everything, Stephen Reid was great this year. I was sad to see him get killed, I'd've liked to see him stalking the street in his beige leather blouson for years to come.

Best New Character: Cassie. I was a bit dubious about Claire Sweeney joining the cast as Tyrone's real mum. Why did they kill off Margi Clarke? But she's settled right in and I'm loving her chaotic energy.

Blushing Bride Award: Gemma. We have to remember that Corrie isn't real. It attempts to reflect real life (hence the recent racist gang grooming teens and the internet/real life stalking storylines) but we shouldn't take it and its storylines too seriously. Which leads me to Gemma. Would I like to hang out with her in real life? No, she'd be exhausting. Did I find it amusing when she sat in the Barlow kitchen during the prep for the Daniel/Daisy wedding, stuffing her face with free cake and generally lowering the tone? Absolutely. I think we as viewers need to remember that characters a) push forward a storyline and b) exist to fill a role - harridan, girl next door, slob, baddie, battleaxe. Commenting on their moral failings doesn't have much point.

Having said all that:

Parenting Of The Year Award: Sarah banging on about her work meeting to her mother before finally  asking about her ill son (who Gail was looking after) before trying to gaslight Harry into believing the snog with Damon was innocent.

Best Cameo: Arabella Weir as snobby Yvette. 

Most Missed: Where is Aggie???

Best Recasting: Ruby (Billie Naylor).

Most Inappropriate Relationship: Aadi and Courtney aka Ms Scouse McBoobs. Gave me the ick.

Distinguished Career Award: The scaffolding at number 1. It lasted longer than Bill Roache's time on t'cobbles.

Most Boring Storyline: Boring Stu and whiny Eliza. I just kept hoping that her dad would take her away and we never have to see either again.

Most Moving Speech: Alya in her victim statement when she talked of how much she'd done for her community, unlike Blake, the racist perp.
Runner up: Evelyn and Cassie's rencontre in the hospital where they critique each other's failings and you just end up feeling sorry for both of them.

Customer Service Award: Leanne snarling at the customers and rolling her eyes when anyone asks for another bottle of wine or some bread, or sighing sarcastically when asked to do some marketing for t'Bistro.

Best Dressed: Deedee Bailey

Worst Dressed: Max Platt. Come on, costume design, we know teenage boys dress badly but surely there's something else for Max in wardrobe other than bagging grey sweatpants?

Alumni Most Likely To Award : Not everyone can be a Sarah or a Suranne when they leave the Street, so it was good to see Ellie Leach (Faye Windass) rocking the dance floor (those lifts!)

Runner up: Millie Gibson (Kelly Neelan), coming to a BBC prime-time screen near you.

Corrie Twitter Award: Hilda Ogden On Sea:

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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Anonymous said...

Thought Arabella Weir was terrible.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for the actor who portrays Liam Connor as Best young actor in the bullying storyline.
As one who was bullied in school,I feel Liam's pain and hope that Dylan[ who's been complicit] and Mason get their comeuppance soon!
As for Best newcomer,I think Dee-Dee Bailey would be a better choice than Cassie.Dee Dee is a breath of fresh air who cares about her family and has beena good friend to Paul.

artemiseast said...

Couple with Worst Chemistry: Nina and Asha. I just don't feel it, anyone else?

Most Creative Hairdo: Adam, lordy -- what are they thinking with his ever changing mop of art-hair.

Creepiest Vibe: Dev. Always Dev. Or is that just me?

popcorn said...

I don't remember when she joined Corrie, but if it was in 2023, then Glenda is a way better character than Cassie.

C in Canada said...

@artemiseast - agree with Nina and Asha. I don't feel it for them either. No chemistry at all.
I love Adam's hair in all it's forms :)

Rachel Stevenson said...

Glenda was my best new character last year:

Anonymous said...

Agree with most comments. I l think Glenda arrived in 2022 so not a newcomer, but a perfect fit. I love Deedee too. Cassie not so much. Though some of her exchanges with Evelyn have been good.
Most boring storyline: Ed's gambling.
Most unlikely partnership: Dev and Bernie. She 's improved since her arrival. Now a hippy / mystic rather than simply a neglectful parent who didn't spot that her partner was abusing her son. But still dog rough. Dev's always been a creepy prat but nothing about Bernie would attract him. Dev's devotion to his children is very moving though, especially when they remember Sunita.
Good luck Ellie and Millie.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I was consistently amazed by how good the actor playing Ryan was--he transformed the character from a bumbling idiot into a strong, sexy, charismatic figure. What a difference an interesting storyline makes! It was very easy to see why Daisy fell for him, particularly when he was juxtaposed against uptight, spindly intellectual snob Daniel.

I'd like to add another award: Best Extra-Marital Affair: Daisy and Ryan. Too often soap affairs seem unbelievable and hasty, used to create a storyline, as opposed to arising out of a storyline (Sarah and Damon...I'm still cringing). But the affair between these two was extremely well-done--a slow burner with numerous efforts on both parties' parts to break free and move on. And the intense chemistry between the two that kept pulling them (especially Daisy) back together.

I agree that Ed and his gambling should get the boring storyline, not Stu and Eliza. Every time Ed closes his eyes and clasps his hands...which is supposed to signal him giving into temptation or struggling with anger, but which is just so irritating in its self pity and so clumsily acted. Eliza's not bad, and Stu has his interactions with the ever-sensible and intelligent Yasmeen to liven things up a bit.

Best couple--Bernie and Dev...they seem like they shouldn't work but they do...Guess it's that amazing sexual energy that they both share, LOL.

Best new character--Lauren...I know she's not technically new this year but her return marked her launch as a character in her own right.And I think she is following nicely in the footsteps of Becky and Kylie as one of Roy's proteges. I was glad that the writers gave her a second chance as well, not just Max, since in many ways she was more of a victim than him. Cassie is terrible...ridiculous back story, stupid and annoying character (acts like she is about Hope's age, not a middle-aged woman), vindictive and dishonest, and to top it off, irritating manner with impossibly big white shiny teeth. Every time I see her, I think of the Big Bad Wolf and the Easter bunny rolled into one.

C in Canada said...

Gemma's gigantic orange wedding dress was so cringey but I loved it just the same, it was so Gemma! lol

Anonymous said...

I would run a mile from Daniel, that violent streak is truly scary. How could you ever trust him?


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