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Saturday 16 December 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 December 2023

Good evening.  Well if you are going to destroy your relationship always resolve the problems of everyone else before you try and ask for your partner to take you back.  Daisy plays an absolute blinder tonight.  Her betrayal leads to Daniel and Ryan scrapping on t'Street.  Daniel manages to land a decent blow giving Ryan a black left eye - the same side as all his other scars.  Crystal finally twigs that "something" has been going down (and down and down).  For good reason Daisy cannot say that she does not love Ryan to Daniel.  Daisy turns into a swirling dervish - telling Ryan in Victoria Gardens that Daniel knew all along and had wrecked the gym job.  She then pops along to the Bistro where Crystal having demanded some space is told the truth and suggests to Crystal that when Ryan turns she should give him another chance which Crystal does.  Daisy having sorted everyone else then talks to Daniel on his doorstep but are we entirely surprised when he shuts the door in his face.  And for longer term afficionados how much did this remind us of Ken (Daniel) and Mike (Ryan) as generation speaks unto generation?  Daisy will no doubt head to Morocco for a handsome replacement but meanwhile is in tears as Daniel has told her it is over.

In the middle of the above Adam appeared out of nowhere.  Where is he living?  How is it he does not have a new best friend?  Did someone check his contract and see he was short of episodes?  I do think his spasmodic contributions are not making the best of him - but I suppose it does give him the opportunity to turn up with a new haircut every time we see him!

Elsewhere it appears that dog loving Terry has not reported dog stealing Evelyn to the police and has been released from police care.  Having given this some thought Roy and Evelyn come to the conclusion that perhaps Terry has something to hide concerning the little white dog.  Now why would a dog "owner" not want to press charges for theft?  Could it be that he is not the "owner" of said £1500 pooch?  Indeed is there a "dodgy puppy farm" which needs shutting down?

Jenny has gone through Stephen's laptop with fine toothcomb and found a file which he used moments before ripping thousands of pounds out of the factory account.  And unlike every other file it is password protected - even the police could not be bothered to break the file encryption as they did not deem it was related to multiple murders so not their concern.  Jenny dahling you need a hacker or the dark web (if anyone can put me in touch with the dark web please let me know).  Jenny enlists Carla's assistance as it is her money.  Well Jenny is her step-mother.  

Elsewhere there is meltdown in the Platt family as the content of Stephen's dairy, particularly the historic relevations that Sarah was in fact Brian's child and not some other person (Ian Latimer) has upset Sarah - why I am not sure as it all happened before she came along.  Anyway as Audrey tells Jenny and Carla the journal (which looks like a filofax to me - do people still use them in place of their phone these days) has all of Stephen's thoughts and she is going to take it home and read it from cover to cover.  Carla takes a peak and realises that there is a strong possibility that Stephen has passwords hidden in his journal.  (I don't write them down - I save them all in a file on this PC - as would Stephen I suspect).  Much sibling bickering between David and Sarah enlivens events - no room for it all here!  Gail uses PlattChat to set up a Platt family get together for tomorrow for Audrey.  

Does anyone care about Eliza, Yasmeen, Dom and Stu?  Well after the concert where Sam was an absolute whizz on the triangle they return home and Dom hangs around until it is time to go to Germany.  He tries to imply that he is coming back for Christmas but we know he won't and Stu thinks he is finally rid of the man.  But this is Coronation Street and I reckon that Dom will dob Stu in for his payoff to social services to get Eliza all to himself.  Other predictions are readily available.

Which means that Friday night is a wrap.

Tonight in memory of Bob Johnson I have been listening to the "King of Elfland's Daughter" whilst writing this update.  A wonderful guitarist with Steeleye Span and this concept album with Pete Knight - ride softly into your next life.  

Written by Debbie Oates.  Directed by Reece Dinsdale.



Anonymous said...

Was this episode really directed by Gail's ex-husband who died on the boat? As soon as I saw his name I knew Gail would be involved :)

Kosmo said...

Yes it was. He had a successful stint as an actor on Emmerdale during which he also directed a couple of episodes and has since become a regular behind the camera on both soaps (and no doubt elsewhere). They now seem to direct blocks of four episodes (so 2 one hour episodes) and I assume it is likely he will return to here in about 3-4 months.


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