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Saturday 17 December 2022

Weatherfield Precinct Exclusive! - Corrie Blog Chat with Channique Sterling-Brown

December 1st 2022 will be embedded forever in my Coronation Street fan memory, alongside a plethora of past Corrie blog treats. You couldn't dream it really. Casually wandering around this newly built 'Weatherfield Precinct' bit of TV history, my eyes were on stalks as various corrie cast members were out and about in this small, yet big-looking, studio lot. Sat on the new swings in the playground was Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dyvenor), a brief appearance, in school-uniform costume, from Jude Riordan (Sam Blakeman) and oh look there's David Platt actor, Jack P Shepherd, being interviewed at the side of the playground mural (you will love that artwork) All-in-all, a surreal sensory overload for any Corrie fan! With the legendary cast members mooching around, a good bit of the younger cast was in attendance too, and your Corrie blog roving reporters sort out as many interviews as we could. 

We were pleased to have a debut Coronation Street blog interview with the newest cast member, actress Channique Sterling-Brown who plays hotshot lawyer, Paul’s new flatmate, and Alya’s BFF, Diana ‘Dee Dee’ Bailey. A personal favourite of mine, it was great to meet her in the flesh and chat all about the show's even-newer set extension! 

Weatherfield Precinct - with media in attendance @rybazoxo

What do you think of the new set? 

Love it! I've said to everyone the attention to detail is incredible, the design team are so talented, and now it's here in the flesh! 

What would Dee-Dee’s favourite shop be? 

I've said it before, and I’ll say it again - it's got to be the bakery! I mean, we love Roy’s Rolls we do, but I think, Dee-dee will be heading in there on her lunch break! 

You are fairly new to Coronation Street, how have you been settling in?

It's been brilliant, everyone has been so kind and so nice, and been embraced by the Bailey family - I’ve been blessed.   

We were so excited to see that Dee-Dee is now in the solicitor's office. What kind of solicitor do you think she will be? We've had Adam, Todd, and Imran be a bit shady in that office in the past! Do you think Dee-Dee could head in that direction? 

I think she will give the solicitors a bit of a better rep. All about justice, all about helping people, which is why she got into law. I think it's gonna be hilarious to watch her interact with Adam, the juxtaposition of her chaos and his seriousness, and she is good at her job!

Dee-Dee now also has Alya as her Legal secretary. Will she be training her up? 

Absolutely, and we will see as we’ve already seen - they have a great partnership, and we can watch that relationship grow. I think it's exciting!. You've got two young women, both women of colour, front and centre! It's so fab to work with Sair (Khan) as well! 


Thank you Channique Sterling-Brown for that exclusive Corrie Blog chat. Keep following me and Sophie Williams for more content from our day at Weatherfield Precinct. Our exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ article is coming soon which delves into the nook and crannies of Weatherfield Precinct and will publish before the TV screen debut on January 13th 2023. 

I am @rybazoxo Keep following Coronation Street Blog for more Weatherfield Precinct content, over Christmas and into 2023  

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fairycake said...

I am really looking forward to seeing the WEATHERFIELD PRECINCT!
Dee Dee Bailey is wonderful!!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS to every one with Love, Everafter...X


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