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Friday 23 December 2022

The curious case of Summer and her three dads

Guest blog post from Matt Johnson who is on twitter @matt_johnson_89 and instagram @mattjj1989

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Forrest Gump once famously said ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’. The same could be true of having a soap dad. On one hand you could get lucky and get one who will do anything for you and make excuses for you no matter how much grief you give him.

However, on the other hand you can get incredibly unlucky and get one who leads you into a life of drug dealing before disappearing for years to party it up in Ibiza, only to randomly approach you in the street years later. But what if you find yourself with three dads?

Well, for one thing ‘three dads’ is a bit of a stretch- ‘one guardian and two exes who randomly pop in whenever they feel like it despite hating each other’ would be a more accurate description. Not necessarily a problem though if they all fall into the ‘will do anything for you’ category.

So let’s look at the evidence- well in the case of the guardian, while he may be an archdeacon, he hasn’t actually been seen inside a church since the days when Corona was purely a beer and once decided the inside of a church was a good place to take heroin with his brother. Not off to a promising start here.

The first of the exes? Well he first arrived on the street looking for his family, who had previously turned their back on him despite him taking the fall for his sister accidentally causing someone’s death. He is also hot headed and not above threatening teenagers if he thinks its for the right reasons.

The other ex doesn’t seem so bad though, he was prepared to leave Weatherfield with his ‘daughter’ rather than have her forced to move in with her homophobic grandmother. Well, that is until he was forced to go on the run for nearly three years after assaulting a police officer.

But eventually, he came back to his loved ones- while on the run from a gangster. Then decided the best way to win back his ex was to scheme and destroy his current relationship. So yeah, not exactly a pillar of the community either.

If there is one thing we can learn from all of this, its that even if you are smart enough to be considered for one of the world’s most famous universities, the fact of living in a soap means you’re still pretty screwed.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

An interesting take on the three dads and an enjoyable read.

It's always felt bizarre that Billy wouldn't find a mother figure for Summer. OK, I get that Billy's partners are going to be male but you'd think he would try and find a female mentor for Summer for all the problems teenage girls have. Eileen, being a kind of grandmother figure, hasn't stepped in to the role and Dr Gaddass is a professional. The balance is all wrong in this story, not believable or engaging. I've lost interest.

Anonymous said...

Eileen as a grand mother figure? I really can't see that myself. She's not very maternal is she? Also, as previously once being a teenage girl myself, albeit many moons ago, the last person l went to was my mum, that's what your mates are for!

Anonymous said...

Its so weird how paul and todd just pop in at random to see the missery that is summer. Has billy forgotton what todd and mr kipling boy did with there scheming


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