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Thursday 29 December 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 28th December, 7pm

Tonight, Sarah and Michael’s business enterprise has been busted by Carla, leading to a full-throttle stand-up argument in the factory, which reeked of classic Corrie! It was fun watching the factory manager and sales rep simultaneously quit, and Carla was in fine fettle tonight, barking orders and giving out some home truths, however nice she may have been to Stephen. However, pride comes before a fall, an often used marker in soap storytelling, with Stephen telling his niece that he’s actually skint, and then Elaine pulls out following her house deal collapsing. With no money available, Sarah and Michael head back to Underworld to ask for their jobs back!

Unfortunately for Sarah, Carla has replaced her job by giving it to her uncle! A step-up for Stephen, but he’s still skint, so he manages to coerce Elaine into selling up anyway, via schmoozing Sally, and by the end of the episode, he’s got his £12K and a new job. Celebrating with prosecco at the Rovers, Stephen overhears Jenny‘s phone call to Leo’s dad, Terry, who has news about his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Todd's recent animosity towards Laurence manifests tonight when he makes a less-than-subtle attempt at kissing Sean's dentist lover. Todd’s feeling grumpy following Laurence and Sean’s getaway, Summer’s disappearance, and Eileen’s sudden departure, which Laurence picks up on, and offers Todd a chat, wine and toffees as a peace deal. The ice seems to have broken between them until Todd takes it the wrong way and leans in for a kiss. Later over a romantic dinner, he tells Sean all about it, who tells Todd to stay away from him, and his boyfriend.  

Elsewhere - Max has moved into Griff’s flat, and David despairs at his parenting failure. Toyah meets Spider (around the back of Roy's Rolls, bizarrely) who tells her all about it, so she warns David that real trouble is afoot via Griff’s right-wing assignations. Back at Griff's flat, the groomer tries to teach Max some self-defence and tells Spider that he has big plans for the youth. 

Later, Summer reappears tonight to give Mike and Esther some money, and the weird duo invite her to live in their overly posh house. Summer accepts, as you expect she would.  

I loved Jenny, Glenda, and Daisy discussing their fanciable film stars at the Rovers tonight. Some great dialogue inspired by Nina and Asha’s secret cinema trip, which they missed, as Roy was out at the charity shop and he’s not got a mobile phone! 
Later on, Roy finally turns up, telling Nina a public transport monologue that led to his delay ( I would have liked to have seen that), and he gets told off for not having a mobile phone.

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Anonymous said...

I felt more sorry for Michael as he did attempt to calm the situation only to lose his job as well due to Sarah's big mouth speaking for both of them!!
When Sarah made the nasty remark about Carla only being the boss because she inherited the factory from her husband Paul,I wished Carla reminded Sarah that she has her job through family connections as well,her brother Nick when he was Carla's partner!
In fact Sarah never achieved anything on her own merit,only through family connections.


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