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Sunday 18 December 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 16 December 2022

Jacob obviously knows him well - but we are given absolutely no clue as to the identity of the character bounding through the Christmas Market and telling Jacob that he felt he should see him again before departing.  

Jacob seems keen to get away, refusing a pint, having earlier hinted that his family are not the best in town.  I have read the spoilers so know but won't tell - keep watching.  And for those who recognise him (the good lady wife) - apparently he was in Shameless a few years ago.

Over at the Bistro, business is not doing well. Repair costs have spiralled and Leanne suggests to Nick that they may need some additional help from Sam's fund and we all know that means another call to Harvey.  

Summer has daddy problems - her three fathers and Aaron all trying to protect her plus Mike wanting to impregnate her.  She should have gone to Oxford and given us all a rest - but she didn't and after Billy threatening to report the baby-selling to the police (Paul talked him out of it) and fed up with everyone telling her what she should do, Summer has vanished - leaving the note - probably to stay in Mike and Esther's boxroom.  Can I hope that everyone will accede to her request and not look for her?  No we will not be that lucky.

Mary is distressed at the way the play went and feels that the Gazette review by Quentin Dos Santos will be condemnatory.  However, having ignored it, eventually it is read to her and is highly complimentary saying how well she continued her role when another actress left the ski run and took her personal matters on stage.  Ken, listening to the words carefully, spots phraseology which can only have come from the pen keyboard of Brian, who asks Ken to keep his secret.  Meanwhile Diva Mary is in full flow believing that her performance outclassed anything else ever!

Simon - he is insisting on his full name - has joined the Underworlders, and providing he stays out of Jacob's way all should be well. Which lasts about 30 seconds when they spot a ne'er-do-well "twoc"ing the Underworld van.  Simon and Jacob pound down the Street and pull the villain out of the driving seat outside of Audrey's holding him down until Craig "Be careful - he might be armed" emerges from the kebab shop and arrests Dean Bradson!  

Instantly Jacob and Simon are besties and head to the market where they are congratulating each other in good humour - until Leanne walks past and gives Simon her "If you cuddle Jacob you ought to be dead look" - you know the one I mean! Simon explains to her later, and we might all think Jacob has reformed, but as I have hinted there are dangerous rapids ahead.

Griff is on a mission to ensure he has the king of digital manipulation at his beck and call ahead of the next ramp-up in positive action as he gives Max an early Christmas present of sophisticated video editing equipment to aid the online imagery. It seems that the forthcoming action is going to be serious.  But no details yet for Spider to pass onto the force.  A training teambuilding exercise being planned is hinted at but no more.  More seriously when Max gets home he misunderstands some joking between Shona and Lily and feels more alienated from his family than before - if that was possible.

Last up is where the show opened. Daisy has a lump. Daniel knows what lumps mean, Daniel is spooked, Daniel consumes 4 or 5 whiskies before being reminded that he should be escorting Daisy to see Dr BGaddass.  He arrives and knocks over a pot of pens (no-one has a pot of pens on their desk these days - they merely type on a keyboard) and gets asked to leave.  As ever it is all about Daniel and not about Daisy or the lump. Daniel claims it is because he cannot face Bertie having to experience Bertie's mummy (as Bertie calls her) suffering in the way Sinead did and what else she might encounter if ill.  

Needless to say in the magical conclave of Weatherfield, Daisy will be seen by numerous experts in record time and we will all know the prognosis. Meantime Daisy has moved back to the Rovers whilst Daniel remains at number 1 (perhaps a connecting revolving doorway can be opened up) as she believes she is worth more than the treatment she is getting {100% true} - but wait until she see Beth's Christmas bauble, so even Beth has almost forgiven her!

Oh and there were some lovely one-liners and other bits tonight such that I wish "Five Things" had been on the case as he would have had a field day (can we see Glenda's Rum Tum Tugger?).  And in physical terms Sue Cleaver has obviously not been eating well recently and Julia Goulding has obviously given up attempting to hide anything!

Written by Jonathan Harvey and Jan McVerry.  Directed by Neil Alderton


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Mary and Brian - the writers have waved a magic wand and now our lovers will fall into each other's arms. Forget the logic and their backstories, that's what we're going to get. I think it's great as I can see these two in comedy (touched with pathos) story lines. I hope the drama society does musicals - and the actors can sing! - because Mary and Brian could do a superb 'I can't give you anything but love, baby'.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon) I think Mary and Brian would be great together--much better than Cathy and Brian. Mary has more sense of fun and is more of an intellectual (in a quirky way) than Cathy who was so stolid and sensible and dull. They might prove a good double act in the shop, as well.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that Mary is always lumped with the older crowd. I seem to remember that she is of Carla's generation. Not exactly young anymore but certainly not as ancient as Brian, Rita and Roy.


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