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Wednesday 28 December 2022

Coronation Street's biggest arrivals and departures in 2022

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2022 has seen the arrival of several great new characters, among a few departed characters that have left to pastures new. While some were short lived for the purpose of storylines, there are several that will have great impact and longevity on the street.



What a ball of energy Glenda was when she first arrived on the street. Her first few scenes led to high praise from Corrie fans. She was instantly a fit on the street with the perfect accompaniment of George as her brother who is loved by us fans. While we haven’t got to a deep level with Glenda yet, she has cemented her place on the street with a delightful barmaid role at the rovers and has made friends already with the likes of Mary, Sean and Todd. A real delight of a character. 

Dee Dee

Another sparkling arrival came in Dee Dee who I feel has a real longevity in the show. She has a real likability and feels like a feisty, independent, hard working, career driven lady who is perfect for the street. Moreover, she has finally given Ayla that necessary boost and I’m excited to see the storylines she covers. She’s obviously taken over Imran’s role and oozes the same likability he did initially. I would like to see her interacting more with Michael etc to see their sibling relationship and perhaps she can help Aggie with drama at the hospital. 


Griff is obviously a despicable, dangerous, frustrating character. But he’s playing it well; people really dislike the character. While his character hasn’t got longevity and is likely to have a downfall in 2023, he has made a big impact on the show. He’s impacted several character including the platts, toyah and spider, Peter, roy, the nazirs and I like the fact they are all getting involved in this storyline. There’s bound to be a big climax with the repercussions of griff and his gang impacting characters in the long-term. 

The departed 


One of the biggest losses to the show in 2023 was Kelly. It wasn’t a huge surprise that Millie wanted to widen her horizons; she is so talented and still so young. But it was a shame to see her leave the soap back in September. Her character really grew over time with people really enjoying the character by the end. Her and Aadi were really cute together and it’s a real shame they couldn’t have worked out. Losing her mum Laura earlier in the year provided some heartbreaking scenes and then her foster dad imran; she really was put through the mill this year. I hope millie might come back in the future and there is scope for this. She has unfinished business with Gary who gets away with murder (literally) and her true love Aadi is also still on the street.


Another big loss this year was Imran who left in one of the most dramatic plots back in June. Charlie is a great actor and I was disappointed to see he was leaving. Even more so that he can’t ever return. After a battle over baby Alfie with Abi, it all came down to a car crash with Toyah that led to Imran’s shock, fatal heart attack. It was a shame the character did change so much in the last few months as he was a really likeable, funny and charming character, especially as a foster dad to Kelly, loyal brother to Rana and solicitor to Yazmeen. I presume the scriptwriters wanted us to root for Abi to have baby Alfie back, but would have been more impactful to have Imran die without all that downfall. Nethertheless, Charlie played it brilliantly and Imran is missed from the street.


It feels like ages ago Emma left but it was a huge loss to the show when Alexandra left back in April. I was disappointed to see she was leaving as she had really made roots on the show with the Barlows and in particular with amy with their lovely sister relationship and Steve with their father-son relationship. Emma is definitely a character who could have had longlevity and was well-loved with the fans. So hopefully she does come back in the future. The actual storyline in which she left was a bit bizarre with Faye and the cover-up of poor ted, but at least she had a happy ending going off with Jon to Australia. She is definitely missed from the street, even if the likes of Steve and Amy haven’t mentioned her in ages! 

Characters coming up in 2023

There are some exciting new characters on their way with daisy’s mum making her arrival in due course. With jenny firmly in the mum role for Daisy, it will be interesting to see this new dynamic and Daisy is a brilliant character, so it’s great to give this character more family members in the show. Also looking forward to seeing more of the new character Damon in 2023. Jacob’s dad seems like an interesting character who is going to prove a headache for nick and Leanne as well as potentially change Jacob! 

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1 comment:

Sharon Boothroyd said...

A great post but you've missed Cathy off.
Melanie hill was a brilliant asset to the street and she was hastily written out in a sudden split from Brian.
It sort of made sense but it seemed rushed.
The good new is, they've left it open for her to return. There's a lot of mileage left in Cathy.
I'd love to see her get involved with a younger, attractive guy (She can do so much better then Roy, drippy Brian and that chap who kissed her in the Rovers beer garden) clinch a fab job and generally be the envy of Yasmeen and the other older women!


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