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Sunday 11 December 2022

Fiz and Tyrone’s Christmas Day Wedding?! - Coronation Blog interviews Alan Halsall and Jennie McAlpine

My last in-person Coronation Street blog press event day was way back in June of 2019 - sat on a set of The Rovers Return for a chat about the then summer/autumn storylines, and it seems a different world has since arrived. One in terms of Weatherfield drama, and two, it was the pre-covid days, and before everything got locked down. Throughout that period of tumultuous real-world events one Corrie story, in particular, kept me hooked to the TV screen. Whilst face masks, NHS rainbows, and Thursday clapping rocked real life, the world of Fiz and Tyrone also collapsed when Ty embarked on an affair with Alina Pop. Two L’s Phill soon followed, a near wedding, and a comedy Christmas day fight, until Ty stole a kiss from Fiz on the day of her doomed nuptials to Phill, winning back his flame-haired sweetheart.

Reunited in early 2022, the couple have since had a shedload of trouble from Hope, resulting in Ty finally promising to make an honest woman of Fiz - an ultimate declaration of reuniting the family and the profession of his love. However, this is soapland, so will Tyrone and Fiz finally make it down the aisle? 

It's quite fitting that my first press day back on the street is the announcement of Tyrone and Fiz’s Christmas nuptials, and this time, I’m sat in the Chariot Hotel set, which is upstairs from the Weatherfield police station set (TV magic) in front of one of my favourite Corrie couples ever (!) to learn all about it. Seeing these two in the flesh, listening to them talk of their character's lengthy TV history, in the surroundings of the sumptuous reception room of the Chariot Hotel, was surreal and very special indeed.

Read our interview here with Alan Halsall (Tyrone) and Jennie Mcalpine (Fiz) to learn all about Corrie's Christmas Day 2022! 

What makes Tyrone think he should plan a surprise wedding? 

Alan - Well, I don't think Tyrone thinks that much about anything anyway (!). It took him a while to realise, but he now realises that he wants this family unit that he never had. He loves the kids and Fiz and wants that to happen quickly. In his mind, nothing can go wrong, so he plans it all off the cuff, not telling Fiz. It's all in good spirits and he wants Fiz to have the best, but he hasn't thought it through very well. Fiz is completely clueless!

What would Fiz’s reaction be to a surprise wedding? Is it what she would have wanted? 

Jennie -Well, no I don't think any women would, would they? It's a terrible idea, and even though Fiz says ‘it's just about the marriage’ I still think she would have wanted some input into it

Tyrone enlists the help of a few neighbours in arranging it, but somehow uses his one-night-stand, Gemma, to model for the dress!??

Alan - I think it's just one of those situations that run away from him a bit. Gemma helps choose the dress, and then Beth wants to make alterations. We know he’s very easily led, and this is just another one of those situations.

Fiz has no idea the wedding is being planned and thinks Tyrone is trying to put a downer on things whilst he secretly plans everything?

Jennie - It's their first Christmas back as a family and she wants the perfect Christmas like those you see in the supermarket adverts, then Tyrone asks her to not bother this year, and maybe just have a pizza for Christmas dinner instead! She then buys him a really special Weatherfield County present, and Tyrone then buys her an awful present, with no thought going into it whatsoever. 

Alan - It's an awful present! This is one of those moments where we get the script, and I read the script about what Tyrone gives Fiz for Christmas day, and I burst out laughing! We then went to film it, and I burst out laughing again. I won't give the game away but is it awful

Fiz then heads out to buy a Turkey on Christmas Day, instead of a Pizza, and it doesn't go according to plan? 

Jennie - She storms out and ends up in the middle of nowhere, she's terrible at driving, the car breaks down, and she hasn't got her mobile phone

Alan - Tyrone then comes downstairs, realises he can't get in touch with her, and nothing goes to plan. His friends have given their Christmas Day up for this - it doesn't look good

We’ll leave it there for Christmas day then. . Lots to look forward to! 

Fiz and Tyrone have been on/off for years. Are you surprised that there hasn't been a wedding before this? 

Jennie and Alan- No, not at all 

Jennie - they live in Weatherfield! I think they've possibly got close to some stability but it still seems to go wrong. Not surprisingly!

Alan - we did an interview recently where they showed us a clip of Fiz and Tyrone’s first kiss which was 21 years ago! 

One of my favourite recent storylines was the Phill, Fiz, and Tyrone love triangle. When that story was going on, did you, as actors, know that they would eventually get back together? 

Jennie - no, not definitely, not really. We were hopeful I think!

Did you both want the characters to get back together? 

Alan - I think a lot of people do, we often get asked that when we are out and about

Jennie - somebody said that to me in home bargains! 

Alan - you get the selfish aspect as well as an actor. I love working day-by-day with Jennie, and we have fun and have continued to do so for the last two decades, so yes. 

Jennie - exactly what he said! 


Keep your eyes peeled for more #Corrie exclusives from Myself and Sophie Williams from our day at Weatherfield Precinct. I've got a great 'behind the scenes' post coming soon...

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C in Canada said...

I am glad they are finally getting married....but I keep waiting for Alina to show up with Ty's baby!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Two weeks, still could happen C in Canada!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Alina will show up at the non wedding.
I think what will happen is Fiz may have an affair with the bloke Chris who rescued her when her car stalled[who goes shopping for a turkey on Christmas Day anyway?!]and of course will demand that Tyrone and Ruby leave HIS house so she can move Chris in.


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