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Thursday 22 December 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday the 21st December 8 pm

With Christmas just around the corner, Coronation Street has hung up the tinsel and overloaded Eileen's with Grotto tatt, but this year's present from the cobbles is still a few days away, and the wrapping up of certain storyline presents is continuing with good momentum!

Tonight, Max is readying for his camping survival trip initiation with Griff and the gang, troubling Shona and David, who have reluctantly let him go. At the campsite, things prove a bit too much for the youngster, (it's blatantly a right-wing training group) twisting his ankle whilst running and refusing to skin a rabbit for camp lunch. As a staunch vegetarian, the mere thought twisted my stomach, and I think Max felt the same. Grassroots fanaticism may be one thing, but Griff taking a bomb with him, out into the woods, and inadvertently blowing up his car, made tonight's Corrie surprisingly high-octane!

Max is taken to hospital with burns and concussion, and Griff pretends to be David, presumably to cover up his bomb-making. Shona and David are home and none-the-wiser, so they leave their son a voicemail. With Max in a hospital bed, Griff pushes him to cover up the accident and makes a subtle threat about skinning rabbits. With the bomb explosion covered up, Spider heads behind the ginnel to facetime his police colleague with the latest developments. He then bumps into Toyah and tells her the truth, but she doesn't believe him. 

Tyrone is still organising the secret Christmas day nuptials to Fiz, and much to his surprise, his bride-to-be decides to book a week-long cottage break for the festive season. Ty secretly tells the girls to lie about not wanting to go, telling them about his Christmas day wedding plans. Fiz seems saddened by the news, with Hope using the secret to her advantage.  

Meanwhile, Nick’s subterfuge to shore up the bistro finances, via Harvey’s funding is risking opening up old wounds and creating rather large new ones. Although new to the street, Damon’s making his presence in the Bistro well-known, forcing Nick to tell Leanne that Damon is Jacob’s dad, lying that he’s an old friend, but Leanne agrees to take the cash anyway. Jacob seems to have turned a corner, and Simon tells Amy that he is good at the factory. Carla seems charmed by the reformed bad-boy until Damon decides his son should work at the Bistro, blowing Jacob’s evening calls to Underworlds USA clients. Simon is also miffed, and although the lads share bants at the factory, I sense things won't last. Carla tells Leanne that Jacob’s got an evening job at the Bistro, and she’s fuming too. Amy is also less than impressed with her boyfriend's two jobs. What are Damon’s plans for the Bistro, exactly? 

Later, Daisy and Daniel await the test results and are pleased to learn the lump is a benign cyst. With Daniel's article refused publication, Daisy decides he should head back to teaching. 

Elsewhere, and at N0.11, Todd seems awkward around Lawrence, while George is struggling to hide his secret Santa sofa! He gathers the gang in the rovers and devises a plan to swap it without Eileen noticing. George offers Eileen a few nights at his house, and she agrees. I'm guessing this is Corrie's comedy Christmas day element gathering pace also. 

What did you think of tonight’s Corrie? Let us know in the comments box. 

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at Jacob's rapid progression from sleazy drug dealer to Underworld's top knicker salesman. Good character though, and I like him and Amy together.
Brothers Harvey and Damon have different surnames. No doubt this will give scope for yet another plot twist?


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