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Saturday 10 December 2022

Coronation Street Blog Interviews Jodie Prenger - ''I shed a tear working with Barbara Knox''

Making it onto the official Coronation Street social media video for the Weatherfield Precinct opening is one thing. Being caught on Corrie's camera interviewing one of my favourite musical stars, and now of Corrie fame, is another thing entirely! Check out the image at the end of this article. 

Introduced as George's cruise-liner singing sister, Glenda Shuttleworth has been a smash hit behind the Rovers bar since joining the show just a few months ago. We couldn't believe our luck then we (myself and fellow blogger Sophie Williams) managed to grab 5 minutes with actress/singer Jodie Prenger for this exclusive blog interview;

Hi Jodie!! What do you think of the new set? 

I love it. I love it! I've been so nosey driving past, doing a go-slow on my way home from work, as it was being built. It's great that they keep adding something to the show!

Corrie's new Charity Shop & Pawnbrokers Image @rybazoxo

What shop would Glenda be visiting? 

She’d be in the charity shop! I love a good bargain! I was in Bath once, and bought a handbag for £25 - worth £400! I would go to the pound outlet to get sunflower seeds for my pet chickens, and I’d go to the bakery. Glenda could get some fresh bread to annoy Eileen with. 

Weatherfield Precinct PoundOutlet Image @rybazoxo 

You are relatively new to the show. How have you found it so far? 

It's one of those places you dream of going into, and then you imagine people all being in their groups, and then you get there, and people are so welcoming, and how they operate these three massive (studio) units - the care and the love. 

Any special moments to tell us about? 

Well, it was yesterday. I was doing my first scene with Barbara Knox (Rita Tanner) - who's like the Meryl Streep of the soap world, isn't she?! I did the scene, and I stood, behind the bar of the Rovers, and a little tear came out! You go into these institutions, which Corrie is, with high expectations, and when it reaches that height- it's everything you dream of. 

We were overjoyed when you got cast as Glenda Shuttleworth - an immediate fan favourite. How do you feel about playing her? 

I love her! Growing up, that is what made me love Corrie - the fun, the northern wit, all my family used to talk about, and it feels like home!

Your character has become quickly embedded into Number 11. Coronation Street. How has it been working with everybody?

I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but it's the people for me, the script, the whole production crew - you have so much fun. You get made to feel at ease and I get giddy from it. I always smile when I walk in here, and I genuinely smile because I love it. 

What's it like being the latest Rovers barmaid? 

I am N0.69 - thank you !! - an honour. I love doing the storylines and then watching from behind the bar of the rovers, seeing everyone shine - I love being in the rovers - such great company. I wish I could tell you some juicy gossip!

Any funny behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us? 

Like when we were doing the Irish jig with Mary (Patti Claire), I love her. We have so much fun interacting with all the characters from behind the bar!

Thank you, Jodie, and here's an image of us grabbed from @CoronationStreet's official social media video that celebrated the opening day. 


Jodie is fabulous and oozes old-school Coronation Street glamour - the beauty of Pat Phoenix, that brassy barmaid persona of Julie Goodyear, with gorgeous vocals that Dame Barbara Knox MBE would surely appreciate. Big thanks to Sophie for asking the questions whilst I recorded the audio. What a day. Keep following the blog for all your Coronation Street chat! 

Weatherfield Precinct makes its debut on screen on January 13 2023. I reckon it'll shake up Coronation Street with drama, plot lines, and new characters. 

Ps - if, like me, you love musicals, here is Jodie singing 'Hushabye Mountain'  which featured in the play of the same name, written by Corrie writer, Jonathan Harvey. Enjoy! 

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