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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Current Corrie characters who need storylines

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd
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As a regular Corrie viewer, I've realised there's a quite a few characters that haven't had any major storylines - either none at all, or none for a long while.


She's supposed to be a bit of man- eater, yet she's only enjoyed one romance with the very brief owner of The Kabin, Vic Reeves' character, the madcap Colin. Someone suggested on here that it'd be interesting to see Moria team up with that other middle- aged spinster, Mary. This is a good suggestion but would snobby Moria take to oddball Mary? Maybe not. But I wouldn't have thought chavvy Beth would give Kirk the time of day, either. Don't keep Moria hidden away – give her a story!

Cathy and Brian

Although bumbling Brian pops up in the cafe to make frequent 'passing of day' comments, we haven't seen Cathy for a while. She recently expressed concern about Yasmeen - but this wasn't followed up. I sometimes feel that when a middle- aged childless couple are settled on the cobbles, the Corrie team don't know what to do with them. Cathy was first brought in via an allotment, so we could have a buried treasure plot there (Pardon the pun!) We need something to jolt the ambling couple out of their cosy stability.

Sean, Gail, Alex, Craig, Izzy and Fay

Are they running out of ideas for these six singletons? There's been no love interest for ages for most of them. Gail dishes out advice to family, while Alex serves with a smile in Roy's Rolls. Izzy enjoyed a brief romance with the ill- fated Derek, but her role is mainly getting fed- up with her former partner, the feckless Gary. Sean pulls pints with an acid tongue and Craig's got a busy career as a copper. As for Fay - she regularly goes AWOL from our screens. Is she still working at The Bistro with sex pest Ray?

Summer and Simon

I can picture these two pairing up for a sweet romance. But please don't let it end up in pregnancy, drink, drugs, or crime! I'd like to see something upbeat and refreshing for these teens. Perhaps they could come up with a sound online/ tech business idea between them and win an award for it?


Womaniser widower Dev's supposed to have a steady stream of kids and grandkids (Remember Amber?) So, where are they all? Surely they'd want to know their biological dad, or grandad. It's yet another storyline that was brought in and then, for some strange reason, it was quietly dropped. But us loyal Corrie viewers don't forget! After Julie, Dev needs another love interest, anyway. An old flame with a bunch of his forgotten about adult children in tow would bring conflict and interest.

What do you think should happen to these characters? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There was a storyline a while back that Simon wanted to join the navy and Leanne said he could go at 18, I think. I wouldn't be surprised if Simon left and came back a couple of years later with a young family, and with a new head. Cathy and Brian should have their own shop; weren't they going to take over the hardware shop? Too many story lines since then so I've forgotten what happened but these two would be great 'old-style Corrie' characters interacting with their customers. Of the singletons which you put together, it may be the storylines they've had recently but most of them don't shine. The two who stand out are Gail and Faye. I could see them, not so much in a storyline, but just having scenes together and developing a surrogate mother/daughter relationship would be good. We've seen it before with Audrey/Maria; Rita/Jenny; Elsie/Gail etc.

Louby said...

Don't Cathy and Brian own the Kabin now?

The characters in your singleton section are all underused and I would like to see more of all of them. Gail is getting a bit old now for a new career but maybe a good hobby would give her (and us) more interest.

I would like to see Craig and Emma get together, they are both lovely, kind people.

I would like to see more of Moira who I think is hilarious but she's one of those characters who is much better because you only see her from time to time.

Dev, his last relationship was Erica, easy to forget! He is also in my "less is more" category. J don't really know what I would do with him now but he's definitely past the ladies' man era!

Great post thanks!

Deirdre said...

Can anybody update me as to who is living where? I thought Bryan came back to his and Julie's old flat but now I think he lives above the Kabin with Cathy. Has Liz stayed in the flat above street cars? Does anyone have an up to date plan of where all the characters live ?

Sharon boothroyd said...

I wrote a post about this last November Deirdre, and regular blogger Scott gave us a clear update in the comments section.
Yes, Cathy and Brian own The Kabin now, Humpty Dumpty,but Cathy's still working at the kebab shop with Chesney.
Of course, Erica! - I forgot about her and Dev. Another ill- fated romance. Thanks for the reminder Louby!

Anonymous said...

Gail is seen more frequently then the others in a supporting role in her children's storylines and that's because she's a Platt.
Unfortunately as long as the Platts[with members in storylines at the same time]and the Winter-Browns are on the Street,I doubt the aforementioned characters will ever get a chance to be in a storyline.


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