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Friday, 3 April 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 April

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

This episode was clearly supposed to be broadcast two days ago on April Fool’s Day as the Platt’s, Barlow’s, Bernie, Tim and Geoff (more about him later) all attempt April Fool’s gags. The only vaguely funny one is Gail rushing into the café to tell David his car is on fire only for him to counter with “I have no idea who that woman is”. While in the café denying his mother, David finds time to apologise to Alina for using her. And we all learn that “Sling your hook” sounds quite sexy when said in a Romanian accent.

In other news baby Aled has his hearing aid fitted and can hear his parents speak (or in Gemma’s case screech) for the first time. Still unwilling to accept that she needs help, Gemma tells her mum that everything is fine now and she can move out. Also, with Emma moping around at No.1 the new McDonald residence, (this is going to take a bit of getting used to), Steve and Tracy decide they’ll pay a visit to Daniel in Scotland.

And so back to the real drama. In a rare moment of sneakiness Yasmeen tricks Geoff into logging into his laptop in front of her and mentally notes his password. Then when the Kraken goes off for a bath she goes through his emails. As predicted by Alya she finds no messages from the posh hotel in Spain he claimed to have booked…but quite a few from an escort.

He catches her of course. You wouldn’t put it past him to have been spying on her from the bathtub. Finally caught out, he brings out all his best gaslighting methods, accusing her of being nasty and suspicious and not trusting him. As she grovels and apologises it looks like he is going to get away with it again. Quite unbelievably he even attempts to talk his way out of the escort emails by saying he was researching modern dating for his hospital radio show. Because pep-talks from mid-range hookers are just want you need when you’re recovering from a nasty slipped disc.

For reasons unknown Yasmeen seems more bothered about the hotel booking than the call girl. As she persists with questioning him, he eventually admits that he lied about the hotel. With the scales finally falling from her eyes she tells him that she’s going to Spain without him. He begs her not to go and tries to guilt her over his fake heart problem, but she’s implacable. When none of his tricks work he drops the act and blocks her way telling her she’s not going anywhere.

Now obviously I’m happy that the hideous waste of organs that is Geoff might finally get his comeuppance, but now that we’re coming to the end of this story, I hope the writers don’t rush the conclusion or do something sensational like having Yasmeen kill him. I’d actually like to know why he’s like this? What goes on in his head? Did he treat Tim’s mum like this and if so, will Tim re-evaluate his childhood?

Alternatively, you may just prefer it if Yasmeen whacks him over the head with a plate of daal and then feeds him to the remaining chickens?

Let me know in the comments section or on twitter @mskelstar.

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popcorn said...

I'd prefer the latter scenario. Or maybe we could see #1, followed closely by #2.

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon): Still shocked by just how menacing Geoff seems. Great job on the actor's part. And the whole scene with both actors seemed so genuine

Louby said...

I'd still like to see him be arrested and charged with coercive control, imprisonment and whatever else comes under this law.

Yes, brilliant acting and great writing too.

Anonymous said...

Well that episode cheered me up. Not.
Emma moping around with a face like a wet weekend.
David and Alina sitting in the miserable looking cafe.
Geoff continuing to be nasty.
Gemma being total negative and whining away at not being a good mum. ( I know she has got post natal depression but do we have to see and hear the same scene over and over again?)


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