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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review, Weds 1 April 7.30pm

David Platt’s dastardly deeds in recent episodes (frolicking with Alina, goading Gail) is a stark reminder of his not too distant past. Hitting the self-destruct button (as he does in times of trouble) reminds us viewers that he needs Shona, just like he needed Kylie, to remain level-headed and on the straight and narrow. Will a mugging from the local hoodlums bring him back to reality? No, but the threat of a stabbing might! Managing to escape the gang's criminal clutches, a cat and mouse chase leads him back to Coronation Street (well, Victoria Street’s fire escape) and he’s free, for now.

Steve and Amy are trying to co-exist without Tracy, and his other daughter Emma asks Seb to move out of their flat. He won't, so she will. Heading over to No. 1 she settles in with her dad and sister. It’s great seeing Emma become interned into the House of Barlow, isn't it?

Geoff’s 5* hotel ploy (to avoid the wedding) is as see-through as his ‘heart attack’ and as this coercive plot continues, I’m sure things will get darker as we head deeper into this atrocious crime. I've seen a few comments online along the lines of ‘it's dragging on’, ‘getting boring’ etc. but you know what? It needs telling, it does. Uncomfortable as it may be, it’s a very real issue and at a time of enforced isolation, you can guarantee it's on the increase in the real world, as we watch the drama unfold onscreen. I wonder whether that laptop will be his downfall and not the coercion and psychotic tendencies he possesses? Do you remember he has that security camera set-up, the online dating sites, booking escorts etc? Yasmeen is getting that's my plot idea written down.

Geoff could do with talking to Charles at Stillwaters about his ‘art of deception’ class! Do we think Ken is going to try for election as the residents' president? I could see Norris as his running mate and right-hand man. The comedy of this duo is genius, let's hope it continues. Also, Charles is an ex-policeman... I think that will become relevant to this story at a later date… just a plot idea of mine (probably wrong but we will see).

Avoiding a beating, David arrives home with a takeaway and toasts his escape from thugs with another beer. He may have escaped a stabbing but that subtle smirk he gave suggests it may be a while before he reconnects with Shona? 

Also, do we have any thoughts on Alex’s sudden interest in linguistics? Has Bernie had a personality transplant or is she genuinely trying to be a good mother now to Gemma? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Ciao for now!

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Anonymous said...

It really is about time David grew up. How can he be a decent father to Lily and Max the way he behaves?
I am finding this martyr act from Emma a bit wearing now.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice how filthy the arms of the chair and the settee are in David’s sitting room?

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that David needs to get his act together at the same time,I wonder why isn't David or Nick going after Gary?
It's due to Gary egging Derek on to shoot the antique[rather than calming him down] gun then acting like a coward hiding from Derek that led to Robert's death,Derek's death and Shona being shot and now suffering amnesia and yet Gary gets a free pass while David's marriage is ruined?!

Unknown said...

If David's ├žombover gets any worse he'll soon surpass the POTUS

coconno196 said...

The Still waters s eyes are great. Nice little touches such as Charles calling Ken "Barlow" now he is challenging Charles' authority.


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