Monday, 1 November 2010

A Knight's Tale - a fan review

After Romanian Holiday, I had high expectations for this DVD, but this time around, it feels as though something is missing. Out of Africa and Romanian Holiday were mildly believeable, but A Knight's Tale throws realism out of the window.

There are two main plotlines in the DVD - Rosie and Jason's adventure; and Mary, Norris and Reg's story. Suprisingly, I actually enjoyed Rosie and Jason's side of the story more, as it takes an unexpected twist in the later scenes, though there didn't seem to be a proper conclusion to the action.

Reg, Norris and Mary's story just didn't sit right, and seemed to drag on, and climaxes with scenes such as Norris and Reg bouncing along on spacehoppers in a tournament.

Curly was something of a spare part throughout, though he was enjoyable to watch and it was good seeing him being successful. There are several side characters who gave me a few laughs, such as an old lady, who seemed to keep getting caught up in all the action.

Dickie the boatman, with various references to Richard Hillman from Norris, and from the character himself.
Curly, it was good seeing him around again.
Rita making an unexpected cameo.
Brilliant scenery.

The plots seemed to drag on for too long.
The 'tournament' seemed too silly.
Reg Holdsworth, need I say more?
The unrealistic plot points.

Final verdict:
Buy Romanian Holiday instead


Flaming Nora said...

Thanks for this Chewy. I know it sounds awful and I wasn't looking forward to it but I'll probably still buy it, saddo that I am!

bbhilda said...

Thanks Chewy, too late for me, mine is being shipped as we speak. I find generally that all these spin-offs fall short - remember the cringe inducing Viva Las Vegas? But they keep churning them out because they know we diehard fans will buy them anyway!

I was really hoping you would say that Reg Holdsworth had undergone a personality transplant, but I guess not, eh? Never could stand him, and hope he never comes back!

Tvor said...

I have sometimes got a promo copy for review from a Canadian firm but it's usually a year after release so i might just wait and see if they do that next year. Otherwise i don't think i'll bother.

seapenguin said...

I'm loving Mary's headgear!

SummerApplegate said...

I really enjoyed this actually. I thought compared to Romanian Holiday last year, it was obvious there was a higher production budget, the overall 'look' of the film was much better in high definition, and I really enjoyed the story. Definitely one for all the corrie fans out there!

Tvor said...

I downloaded it. It was AWFUL! Really contrived and full of drivel. The in jokes with the Richard Hillman lookalike weren't bad but terribly predictable. Mary floating around after Norris in the middle of the night then chaining him to a torture thing and then the swift switch of affections to Reg??? Seriously? Curly Watts was the best of the thing.

I agree, too, completely unrealistic.

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