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Saturday 27 November 2010

Corrie Weekly Awards, Nov. 22 - 26

All Loved Up award: Gold Star: Nick and Leanne. .. though it's come out of nowhere. Last week she didn't want to know him. And it's on again-off again... probably on again next week!
Silver Star: Ashley and Claire have finally made up!

Do One award: Shouty star: Owen doesn't realize... Fiz is Cilla's daughter, she's got a lying husband, *and* she's hormonal!

Who peed in your cornflakes award: Gold Star: Kevin is getting grumpier and grumpier by the day!

Friends again award: Gold Star: Graeme and David are friends again. Graeme is a very forgiving man but Tina ain't happy.

Totally delusional award: Gold Star: Molly thinks Kevin wants her.
Silver star: Charlotte wants John and will go to any lengths.

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them: Gold Star: Owen finally allowing Chesney and Katy to see each other above board.
Silver Star: John seems to have no choice but to bend to Charlotte's lengths! (see above)

Mind the eggshells award: Gold Star: Looks like that eggshell carpet has been transferred from the Platts' next door to the Windass's house.

Soap Opera Phrase of Doom: Tyrone "As far as I'm concerned, my life's perfect!" (and about to go KA-BOOOM!)

Lines of the week:

Hayley to Owen "That's a bit over the top!" Izzy "Over the top and around the flamin bend!"
Carla "There's none so sanctimonious as a dry drunk"
John (sweating) "Colin Fishwick? Living in this house? I don't think so!" ... Fiz "I take it you've tried phoning?" Joy "Nothing. Completely dead." (koff)
Graeme "My Bottom was the talk of the Young Offenders'! ...Midsummer Night's Dream, obviously!" (Whew! I'm glad he clarified that!)
Carla "I've had more come-backs than Tom Jones!"
Pam to Kevin "If only to tell her to stop wasting her time on a disgusting, selfish, waste of skin like you" (Oh I LOVE Pam!)
Molly "You haven't seen the way he looks at Jack, the way he looks at me" Pam "No, but i've seen the way he looks at Sally" (that's another one for Team Pam!)

Charlotte "Charlotte and John, against the world!" (John.... "Meh")

Expert Word Twister of the week goes to Charlotte who made out that John knew she was the stalker all along and got a kick out of it like she did! BAHAHAHA!! Isn't she marvellous! Totally Deee-ranged!


Anonymous said...

Is there an official Team Pam club? if not can we start one. She is brilliant.

bbhilda said...

Oh I love Charlotte. She is nuttier than any fruitcake I have ever known. I bet her classes at school are interesting to say the least!

Too bad her days are numbered, our entertainment factor will take a nosedive.

Anonymous said...

Please remove this picture of Leanne and Nick. It's so disgusting and disquieting.

gadgee said...

I love Graeme, but he really should just tell Tina he believes that David didn't try to kill him, and they're friends again, and it doesn't matter what she thinks, and she can't tell him who to be friends with, or who not to be friends with! Bros before hoes!

Anonymous said...

That's an offensive comment, gadgee.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone agree with me that tha actor who attempts to play Nicky Tilsley is so bad that it's painful?

John M said...

I've got a bit of a crush on Ben Price who plays Nick Tilsley. He is quite dishy.

Sea Penguin said...

I like Ben Price too, he was great in Footballers Wives and I like him as Nick even though he's too old, but this Nick and Leanne thing - n-o-o-o-! still love Charlotte & John, despite it trailing on and on, but cannot stand Pam.

Anonymous said...

No its not just you anonymous - Ben Price has only two expressions: pained and neutral. In the words of Dorothy Parker, he runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.

He is too old to play Nick and whats worse is that he looks much older than his real age. As for him being dishy, he reminds me of Andrew Marr. Nuff said.

Tvor said...

I think Ben Price is doing a good job as Nick, He does look a little too old but at least he can act. Nick as a character isn't all that likeable most of the time but i don't mind that if the actor is decent.

splunge999 said...

I can't stand Nick's character either, and the actor leaves a lot to be desired also. What does he think he's going to achieve with this affair with Leanne???? I hate that she fell for this also. It's not believable at all.

Anonymous said...

Some genius lines in this episode, Graeme makes me laugh every time he's on screen

Anonymous said...

i absolotly love ben price. he is the best actor ever hes plays the character nick tilsley perfectly. he is sooo not to old for the role he looks about 22 even though hes not (39). hes georgeous sooo fit!! i woundnt say no to him!! im his biggest fan i love you ben!!!!!!!!!! ;) <3 <3 <3 Xxxxxxxxxx


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