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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 29 2010

Hello, it’s me! I’m back off me jollies and sending a Tunnocks caramel wafer sized hunk of thanks to both Richard Whitbread and Karen Jankel for writing the weekly updates while I’ve been away.   I’d also like to thank all of you who donated funds to Cancer Research UK for the sponsored walk I took part in last weekend.  You can see a couple of pictures from the walk on my personal blog and find out how much we raised,  And now, with business completed and without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Gary-love is back from Afghanistan but he’s not the same lad as he was when he went, no. Shocked by what he’s seen and stunned by the death of his mate Quinny, he chickens out of meeting Quinny’s mam and dad and reneges on his promise to his dead mate that he’d tell his parents the truth about what had really happened to their son.  He can’t. Not yet, perhaps not ever. He drowns his sorrows in the Rovers and belts seven bells out of the fruit machine, thumping it hard enough to bring down some loose plaster from the walls of the pub. Anna and Eddie do their best, tiptoe round their son, hoping he’ll want to open up, soon.. “Gary-love, do you want to talk?” “No,mam,” etc.

David’s sent home after having his charge dropped  for attempted murder of the local butcher. He’s been diagnosed as an idiopathic epileptic, as well as being an evil scum bucket too. Gail loves having her two sons at home, Nick and David, David and Nick, ooh, those lovely boys, so clean, so squeaky, so tied to her apron strings. She still doesn’t know that Nick’s boffing his ex-wife Leanne upstairs in his room while he’s mum out at the shops. Speaking of Leanne, she begs Nick to stop their sordid affair but as he’s billy-no-mates he says he can’t live without her.  Leanne’s heart tells her she loves Peter and her head tells her she loves Peter too but it’s those wobbly warm and squishy bits that are drawing her to Nick.

Meanwhile, Ciaran and Michelle get suspicious of Carla when they find out she’s been ringing Peter. When Michelle drops Carla off at her flat and spies Peter walking in, she confronts Carla who confesses all. Well, almost all. She confesses the drinking, the driving, the court case, the lost license but she keeps the bit quiet about how she’s tried to seduce Peter wearing nothing but her bath towel and a welcoming smile.

The Fishwick farce carries on with John discovering that Charlotte was the one who nicked their house keys, the one who made the DVD that scared Fiz witless, the one who’s been sending scary notes to Fiz made from letters cut out from newspapers.  But what does he do when he discovers all of this? He sits down to enjoy a steak dinner with the loopy woman after she threatens to blackmail him over what he knows about Colin’s death. So John’s stuck between a rock and a hard face who tells him she wants him (that’s how loopy she is) even if she has to share him with Fiz.

Over at the butchers, Graeme’s turned down by the bank when he asks for a loan so he can buy the butchering business. 

And Katie moves in with Chesney, Fiz and John.  Where’s Schmeichel these days, then?

And that’s just about that for this week.
Coronation Street writers this week were David Lane, Peter Whalley and Damon Rochefort.

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John M said...

Poor Gary. He needs some TLC at the moment. He can pop round to my place anytime.


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