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Monday 15 November 2010

In Remembrance: Thu Nov 11, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Julie Jones, directed by Tony Prescott

It’s the after math of Jack’s death and Tyrone can’t even eat his toast.  Molly apologizes to Connie about the baby keeping her up. As if any one slept that night.  Tyrone saysNov-11-2010-Tyrone-Baby-jack that it was too soon, Jack’s death.  Isn’t it always?  Connie has a bad dream that she lost her handbag with everything important to her in it.  I have that dream myself.  Molly steps out to the garage to tell Kevin that Jack has passed away.  Of course, Kevin can only think of himself.  Poor Tyrone has only the love of his baby son to console him.  The son that isn’t even his.  Rita comes by later to give her condolences.  Rita tells Tyrone that it’s hard to believe now but it will get easier.  The postman brings by the photos of baby Jack’s christening as they all sob to see the one of Jack and baby Jack in the front.  Steve arrives next at the Dobb’s to give his condolences.  Steve invites him to come by the Rovers later to drown his sorrows in a few pints on the house if he fancies it.  Tyrone says he might Nov-11-2010-Steve-chair since he’s not sure how long he could stay there looking at the chair where it happened.  Steve chokes on his tea as he’s sat in that chair.

Tyrone and Molly head to the Rovers and Steve tells them that he’s contacted Newton & Ridley and he’s going to have a barrel of beer named after Jack in time for the funeral.   Sally comes by the Rovers to give her condolences along with everyone else.  Everyone hasNov-11-2010-Molly-Kev come and given condolences except for Kevin and don’t think Tyrone hasn’t noticed.  Molly and Kevin talk later and Molly lets it all out about how she doesn’t love Tyrone and she just told Jack that because it’s what he wanted to hear.  Molly thinks that she can’t keep going on living like this and she needs to do something. 

Nov-11-2010-Chris-Owen Nick repairs relations with the builders the next morning at The Joinery.  Nick hands Owen a couple of VIP tickets for their opening night.  Yeah, that’ll go over well with Liz.  Chris reminds him of this and manages to get the tickets off of him.  Cheryl should be glad to see him show up on the first night.  Nick is giving Leanne the cold shoulder and she points out that this arrangement isn’t going to work either. Leanne convinces him that they should be happy since there’s a new business and all.  Nick says he just doesn’t trust himself around her.  Later, Leanne asks Peter if he’ll be there at the opening, by her side.  He’s not sure why she’d ask after last time, but he agrees that he’d do anything for her.  Nov-11-2010-Connie-ladies

Emily notes that Remembrance Day is sad but uplifting at the same time.  Connie comes into the Kabin and tells Emily and Rita that Jack has passed on.  Rita is clearly devastated and Emily is in a state of shock.  Later, Sophie and Sian ask Emily what she thinks of their pastor’s version of their homosexuality.  Emily says she cannot deal with this right now.  The girls mistake her indifference to their strife as her not agreeing with their lifestyle as opposed to her just being in grief over Jack’s death. 

At the bookies, Peter tells an preoccupied John about how he thinks he was the last to speak with Jack Duckworth.  He shows John and Ciaran that Jack’s last betting slip was a winner.  Peter finds Tyrone in the Rovers and gives him a hug and his condolences.  He also gives him Jack’s winning ticket.  Jack’s horse came in, 3-1 on “Meet Thy Maker.”  Who would name a horse that?   


- I thought it was a nice touch how they played Jack’s olde-timey records during breakfast the day after his death.

- Jack naming one of his pigeons “Racy Rita.”

- Emily is the sweetest thing trying to sell all her Remembrance Day poppies regardless of her grief.

- Tyrone saying he’s not sure how long he could sit at home and stare at the chair where it happened [Jack died].  Then Steve choking on his tea since he’s sat in that chair at that moment. 


- I have to agree with Molly that Kevin is completely self-centered about his dirty little secret than Jack’s passing and his best mate’s grief. 

- Nick needs to back the eff off Leanne!  The nerve of him to try and get her back now.  I know it was years ago, but some things should be deal breakers.


qg2010 said...

Emily is so cute, seems the actress has a hard time getting around though. I noticed during a scene she had with Sophie in 2009 she had trouble keeping up with her as they walked across the street,she walked with her arm pressed up against her as if not to lose balance.

I really enjoyed the Jack related episodes,the story lines flowed really well together.

gadgee said...

Steve arranging for a barrel of beer to be named after Jack is great. Lovely gesture. Jack would have loved it.

Emily Bishop is such a wonderful, kind, wise lady, and one of my favourite characters.


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