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Monday 29 November 2010

The tension mounts!

Well, with only a week to go, no doubt one or two of us are preparing for a festival of all things Corrie! With seemingly every member of the cast involved, we are in for an epic week of drama, shocks and maybe even a few tears. At this stage everything is rumour and speculation. Half the fun lies in the week ahead though, when we get the chance to see how the characters stories are placed before the tram causes devestation.

Which brings us to tonight's burning question! What don't you want to see happen next week? Are there any characters who must be saved, come what may? Is there a potential storyline in the offing that you are not looking forward to? Is there a character who you think has the potential to be changed forever by the events of next week? Over to you!


Tvor said...

I reckon this paternity question just has to explode along with the tram devastation. It's going to end up with at least one of the four of the couple gone, either death or departure otherwise, likely Molly.

I really hate the thought of Tyrone finding out his best friend betrayed him. I know it has to come out eventually but i hate seeing poor Ty devastated by the news especially right on top of Jack's death.

Apple Cobbler said...

I think Molly, Ashley, Charlotte and Sunita will die- if my predictions are correct it won't be a bad set of deaths but would be a bit predictable. Deaths that would have huge impacts would be Steve (Michelle, Becky, could see return of Tracey, Max, Amy, Lloyd) , Sophie (Kevin, Sally, Sian, could see return of Ryan, Katy, Chesney, Bill), Peter (Leanne, Simon, Carla, Nick, John) and Fiz (John, Chesney, Charlotte, Julie, Kirk). Can't wait...

Anonymous said...

I really want Sophie & Sian to stay in it and together. Also i wanna see what happens with Tyrone and Molly and if they find out the truth about the baby! Whoever dies the street will never be the same.

Llifon said...

I don't want any of the oldies or long running characters to go. Won't miss Molly, Janice, Charlotte or Sunita. The Alahans haven't been in it for a while anyway. Maybe we'll get fresh stories for Rita and Norris if the Kabin's gonna be out of bounds for a while.

Anonymous said...

Although the tram crash storyline looks set to be fantastic, I sort of wish that Corrie wasn't celebrating their 50th with such a dark storyline. I had hoped it would be a happy celebration week of episodes, but obviously it will probably horrific carnage etc. So mixed feelings for me.

But I'm still really looking forward to it! I do hope that it really does affect every character, and not just the people who are currently involved in big storylines.

Fiona C said...

The 2 people i wouldn't want to leave the show would be Kym Marsh and Alison King , fab actresses x

Anonymous said...

What about Rita ?

Beth said...

Oh wouldn't it be great were the two Webster girls and Sian to go- bliss! Good flamin riddance to their ridiculous acting and baby sounding voices. Such a shame that they chose such poor actresses for such a major story.

If what the rumours are saying that Molly, Charlotte, Ashley and Sunita are the ones leaving then it's a bit of an anti climax.

Ashley was leaving anyway for France and it was announced months ago that both he and Claire were being axed.

There is much need for an end to the Stape/ Charlotte story.... it's getting beyond ridiculous and she's far from being a major Corrie star.

Sunita is hardly in it and hasn't really been featured heavily since returning. In fact she's hardly seen.

If Molly leaves then I suppose that would be the biggest 'upset'.

When all these plans and birthday celebrations were announced it was said that MAJOR characters were to leave and the street and it would never be the same again. It was also said that deaths were a closely guarded secret and not even the cast knew for a while. All these leaks could turn out to be nothing at all, but what with the pictures in the press today, anything could happen.

Corrie is great and I love it, but please please don't kill off Rita. I seriously hope that it's a rumour. She's my favourite and always has been

Looking forward to next week - whatever happens I bet it will be Corrie at it's BEST

Anonymous said...

If it really is Charlotte, Molly, Ashley and Sunita then that would be a total damp squib, not to mention a very weird definition of the word "major".

If Ashley's and Sunita's departures led to Claire and Dev going too, then it would be more welcome.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Nick Tilsley badly scarred in the fire. Then he could have one of those new fangled face transplants and be replaced by a decent actor who does not look as if he wouldn't see 30 again, even with the aid of a telescope.

Nick is meant to be 29. I know Nottingham was high in Channel 4's list of undesireable places to live, but they didn't mention that a reason for that is its residents age at 4 times the normal rate.


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