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Saturday 20 November 2010

Corrie Weekly Awards, Nov. 15 - 19

Naughty boy award: Flowery star: Owen nicked the flowers Jim sent and pretended they were from him. Jealous, much? Probably should be! But Jim is totally underestimating this latest fella of Liz's.

Guilt, Much? Award: Fuzzy Star: Leanne sure regrets that champagne!

I told you he had a heart: Gold Star Even Eddie was upset seeing Gary but didn't let anyone know it.

Use your ears, not your eyes award: In the video Fiz and John watched, you could clearly hear walking in heels, not trainers.

The Lost World award: Sandy star: Gary's hurt, Quinny's dead. Roy wishes he believed in God and Eddie reckons God has abandoned Afghanistan anyway. You know that little exchange really got to me!

Proof Postive award: Gold Star: Charlotte nicked Chesney's keys. I guess she's stepping up the campaign! (Oh, and if she rang her own phone, wouldn't John have heard his own voice hollering down the phone? Her mobile was in her pocket!)

Get the hint award: Gold Star: Tyrone isn't very good at reading between the lines is he? Molly only has kids by other men! ;)

I've got a bad feeling about this award: Shakey star: Oh Eileen, don't start nicking cash from Owen!!!

Morality award: Pink Star: Sophie and Sian were subject to more high horse morality by the pastor and even some reluctant stuff from Emily. Not to worry, girls, there will surely be one that's a lot more accepting.

Lines of the week:
Sophie to the Pastor "You talk about God speaking to ya? You only hear what you want to hear!"
Nick "I love my business but i love you more. If you can't handle that, that's your problem"
John to Chesney "I was young once, even if it was on a technicality"
Katy to her dad "You're jealous that i can keep a relationship and you can't" (Katy, you've only known Chesney for 5 minutes!"
Of all the people that understands what it's like to be in combat and around violence, of all the people that have lost comrades to it, Jim McDonald understands more than most. Him raising a glass in the pub was a fitting gesture.
Molly to Kevin "This feels right. Me and you." (Oh here we go again!)
Carla "I just want some moral support" Peter "Moral? You?"


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Sian look stoned during half her screen time these days?

The Garden Pixie said...

How about Where did the Beef Come From Award? What's all this out of the blue with Owen and Jim? Would be a bit more credible if Liz hadnt disappeared again!

The Total U Turn Award: Molly wanting to get back with Kevin when a few weeks ago she couldnt stand him and saw him for the selfish individual he really was!!

Cobblestone said...

Nauseating that Molvin is ramping up again, but consoling myself that it really is only for a few weeks more.

How long have the Stapes had that retro pink dial phone? It's an antique! Didn't think anyone had the patience to use one of those any more - they take so long to dial the number.

And - seriously - how do you do a love-triangle when one of the corners is missing? Where the hell is Liz? If Bev Callard is unwell again, couldn't they just postpone this storyline. Loving having Big Jim back though, regardless. What a contrast between him and Owen. For all his legendary temper, Jim is a fundamentally decent bloke, whereas Own is a bloody nasty piece of work.

Tvor said...

Garden Pixie, i agree. The brewing feud between Owen and Jim would have been more logical had Liz been there. first she was away and then she was at Deirdre's? It makes it seem as if Jim hasn't seen her at all yet since he's been back but surely Liz would know he'd been to the funeral and why wouldn't she have told Owen? Because it's a soap of course. *sigh*

Sea Penguin said...

I agree too. "Round at Deirdre's"? come on! Was looking forward to some "sizzling scenes" with Liz, Jim & Owen! along same lines - when Liz leaves, I'm so going to miss those scenes with Liz and Deirdre chatting over a glass of wine round the Barlow's table. These type of scenes are the glue that holds Corrie together.

Anonymous said...

I think the storylines are stupid at the moment. The whole Nick/Leanne/Carla/Peter is stupid lets swap partners award!!!
Molvin storyline.....not AGAIN award or wake up and see what a user Kevin is award!! One mintue Molly hates him the next she loves him again!! One mintue Kevin is all over baby Jack and is getting DNA tests done the next he doesnt care!!! Like seriously make up your mind!!
The Stape storyline.....Im not going to go there!!!

Dilly Daydream said...

Just a small point, about Eileen & stealing from the boss...

Didn't she start this some weeks ago when she robbed money & gave it to Jason?

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Liz is listening to 'Our Tracey Luvs' tapes up in her old bedroom


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