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Monday 15 November 2010

Fly Me to the Moon: Mon Nov 8, 2010 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Martin Allen, directed by Tony Prescott

Tyrone is planning Jack’s 74th birthday party and trying to do so in secret.  Jack begrudgingly opens his birthday gifts, one of them a record player with some old vinyl's.  Jack isNov-8-2010-Jack-sbday happy with this gift as he hasn’t seen one in a long time.  In private, Jack later asks Tyrone if he’s happy.  Tyrone says he couldn’t be more – except for what is happening to Jack.  He asks if things are okay with he and Molly, since it means a lot to him going to his grave knowing they’re happy.  Jack is surprised to go to the Rovers for a drink with Tyrone and find a surprise party waiting for him.  At Jack’s birthday party, Kev takes a chance to harass Molly but she blows him off.  Jack gives everyone his thanks at his birthday party and the sincerity almost brings me to tears. Jack leaves Molly stunned when he reveals later to her in private at his party that he knows Kevin is the father of Baby Jack.

Sally is still doing some damage control over what happened at Sophie’s party.  She doesn’t know why Kevin didn’t check in on the party.  Sally has it out with her daughter and Sian and they blame it all on Rosie.  Later, Rosie and Sian worry about what their pastor thinks.  Rosie thinks “that vicar bloke” Nov-8-2010-Leanne-dress probably had the best thrill he’s had in years.  Rosie thinks they should give up the church and start living.  The pastor comes by the home and tells the girls they need to talk about what happened the other night.

Nick complains about the water damage at The Joinery to his gran, but she reminds him that things will easily be taken care of.  Nick even thinks Liz McDonald is behind all of that.  Audrey and I cannot stand Nick’s whining so she tells him to roll his sleeves up and get on with it.  The clean up begins without Nick at the Joinery since Leanne has had it sorted long before he got there.  Leanne tells Nick that insurance is paying and he tells her she’s amazing.  Leanne tells Nick she’s got to go to her wedding dress fitting but is afraid to leave the bar.  Nick offers to take her now and they go since Owen’s got everything under control. Nick’s heart and chin drop to the floor when he sees Leanne in her wedding dress.  Too little, too late, Nick.  Nick can’t handle it and runs out of the boutique leaving Leanne there. 

At the Rovers, the factory girls are gossiping about why Carla’s not drinking anymore.  They seem to all think she might be pregnant, since why else would she be on the wagon?  They recall that Trev was the last guy she dated and Janice hopes she’s not pregnant.  Nov-8-2010-Joh-nPeter

In the bookies, Peter and Ashley scare John about the lack of sleep (and life) he’ll get as a father.  Something makes me think he won’t be around to enjoy it all anyway.  Peter tells John that waking up in the middle of the night (as he claims he did) is a sign of depression.  Or, that you’re a psychopathic liar and murderer.  John is losing it (more so) at work and starts screaming at those “wrong phone calls” at work.  Peter has to tell him to get a grip.  John rings Charlotte saying he needs to see her. 


Written by Simon Crowther, directed by Tony Prescott

Molly tries to tell Jack that what happened between her and Kevin was a mistake.  Jack says he’s no angel either, but he’s very protective of Tyrone.  Jack says that Tyrone is the very best of men. Jack tells Molly that he can barely look Sally in the eye.  Jack tells MNov-8-2010-Vera-Jackolly that if she loves Tyrone she’ll move far away from there.  If Tyrone doesn’t make her happy she needs to tell him.  Jack is so angry and Molly can say nothing.  Molly promises Jack that she’ll fix things and they embrace.  Meanwhile, Kevin gets completely bladdered at the pub to the point where he’s breaking bottles.  Sally tries to usher Kevin home but Kevin makes a show of himself before leaving.  Audrey wonders why they’re making such a fuss about a 74th birthday.  We all know why, though, don’t we?  Jack leaves the pub and soaks up all the sounds of the street which has been his home for near thirty years.  After going out for a fag, Jack returns inside and sits in his best chair listening to the old vinyl's.  He begins to fall asleep and before he realizes it, he hears Vera’s voice telling him it’s time to go.  And with that, folks, we say farewell to Jack Duckworth.  A devastated Connie and Tyrone find him later in his favourite chair as Tyrone utters “goodbye, Dad.”Nov-8-2010-Carla-Peter   

At the bridal salon, Leanne emerges from the changing room to find that Nick has up and left her there. Nick arrives back at the bar in a huff and orders Owen to quit work and return in the morning.  Leanne finds Nick and gets angry with him for leaving her in the store.  Nick admits that the sight of her in that dress made him flee.  He begs her not to marry Peter that he wants to marry her.  Leanne asks him what on earth he’s doing to her.  Leanne decides to stay on with the bar as long as Nick acts like a man.  Elsewhere, Carla is only getting closer to Peter as she’s clearly smitten. 

Nov-8-2010-John-Charlotte John goes over to Charlotte’s and they both talk about what they’re going to do about the letters.  Charlotte and John are frustrated and Charlotte says that John always retains is “Stapium Wit” even in times of distress.  Charlotte moves in for a kiss and John dodges her like the plague.  This won’t end well for her. 

At the Webster’s the pastor has cracked out the bible and goes on to Sian and Sophie essentially about their relationship being a sin.  Sophie thinks it’s unfair and Sian thinks it’s outdated and I think they’re both right.  The pastor tells the girls that sometimes they can’t act on these impulses and they have to sacrifice their own desires to honour Him.  Sian tells this pastor that he’s not as modern as heNov-8-2010-Pastor thinks he is, and Sophie quits him.  The pastor tries to tell them that the church isn’t rejecting them.  No, he’s just rejecting their relationship.  When the pastor leaves, Sophie is conflicted as the pastor did read these things from the bible.  Sian thinks that God will accept them regardless of what is in the bible. 

In more boring news, Ashley tries to get some advice from the more seasoned ladies on the street about his marriage.  We all know that he and Claire are going to get back together and move away to France for good-ness sake.


- Sally to Rosie (about Sophie’s birthday party): “I don’t know what you were thinking!”  She wasn’t.

- Did anyone notice Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” playing in the background of the Webster’s?  Lyrics: “the kid is NOT my son…”  Touch√©.

- Nick to Owen: “How did you fix the electrics?”  Owen: “Well, you know it’s easy to do something when you know how.”  No kidding!Nov-8-2010-Ken-tipped-glass

- Jack’s “thank you” speech at his birthday. 

- Jack saying that Tyrone is the very best of men.  Right he is.  :-)

- Charlotte to John, “This is affecting my work.”  John: “Mine too.”  Charlotte: “You’re taking bets off the unemployed.  I’m in charge of people’s futures.”  Ha-ha.

- Audrey to Jack: “What sort of a drunk were Vera?” Jack: “Amorous, very amorous.”

- Ken raising his glass to Jack as he leaves the Rovers for the last time. 

- There has been a lot of yay or nay over the “Vera’s ghost” scene in Jack’s last moments.  I agree I don’t usually care for things like this, but I really liked the subtlety in which it was done.  I really felt it wasn’t too cheesy or “ghostly” but more in his “head” or “subconscious” we were glimpsing into.  No, it’s not typical Corrie, but it’s Corrie nonetheless and brought a tear to this blogger’s eye.   


- Nick Tilsley thinking that Liz McDonald would be behind his bar leaking water.  Yes, because we all know Liz is as clever as she is devious.  Honestly, what an idiot.

- “Molvin” spoiling Jack’s last day here on earth. 

- That pastor going on about how homosexuality is a sin.  It’s a wonder church attendance is lower and lower each year

- What is Ashley, the town drunk now, by the way? 

- Did anyone feel really sad for Connie?  First her husband, now Jack.  Time can be a wonderful thing but also a cruel mistress sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I like drunk ,Ashley he makes me lol.

John McE said...

Does anyone know if Connie will continue to appear, or whether she will just be forgotten about? I hope not, as I think she is quite a good minor character.

Tvor said...

Nick is such a prize prat!!


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