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Friday 30 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 September 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Dee-Dee, (the least boring of the Bailey’s) has agreed to take on Stu’s case. Showing more momentum than the rest of her family have managed in three years, she immediately finds gaps in the police investigation and Dodgy Detective Lennox’s address. Then she dispatches Alya to quiz Stu’s daughter Bridget about whether she and her mum really didn’t hear Stu return on the night of the murder. 

Meanwhile in the Rovers, Jenny is trying to get over being ‘dumped’ by Leo with some yoga and an ice bath. When this doesn’t work, she gets herself all dolled up, which is a much better outcome for everyone as she looks fabulous. Glenda, Daisy and Jenny all try ringing Leo’s phone, not realising it’s in Slimy Stephen’s pocket all the time.  

Leo’s dad, Teddy arrives trying to find out why his son hasn’t called him and when Jenny explains that he left for Canada without her, he tells her she only has herself to blame. Obviously sour grapes, didn’t he try to crack onto her once? 

Back on the Street, Bernie spots Dev looking depressed over Aadi. Inviting him back to Chez Brown-Winter, she reassures him that he’s a good dad, tempts him with some out-of-date fruitcake and eventually gets him into bed (exactly my seduction routine, Bernie!). This bit of afternoon delight causes him to be late picking Aadi up from hospital and to misplace his underpants. Because Dev is never far from farce, the lost pants end up re-emerging in front of his two children who are disgusted with him (teenagers today are so prudish). They forgive him when Bernie explains that he had just needed someone to confide in. 

In other news, James decides that he’s going to become a football coach after giving Lilly two lessons. I wish career changes were this easy in real life. I mean I once decided I wanted to be a barrister after winning an argument with my dad, but the Royal Courts of Justice kept muttering something about a degree in law. 

Back with the Free Stu Campaign, Dee-Dee and Alya discover that the man himself has gone missing with Detective Lennox’s address. Dashing over they find Stu shouting at the retired copper to admit that he tortured him into making a confession. His wife threatens to call the police, saying that her husband has dementia.

As Dee-Dee and Alya escort Stu back to the Street, he tells them he’s given up hope – they won’t be able to get Lennox to confess and he’ll never be reconciled with his daughter. But as he considers dropping the case Bridget turns up and asks if he wants to meet his granddaughter properly. 

And that’s it for this week. Catch you in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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dhvinyl said...

Kelly - spending three minutes reading your brilliant review has once again given me 27 minutes of my life to spend wisely ! Your masochism is a godsend !!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot and it seems fashnu bailey is going to have a low key soap exit due to that clished sudden career change

Anonymous said...

They said that James has been getting his coaching badge, so it is likely that he did study for it, just deeciding to go and coach now. I was in a similar situation when I moved to the UK. I was a teacher before and when I moved, I decided to become a Marketing Manager. It is possible, like the saying 'anything is possible'. If Kelly actually studied and decided she wanted to be a barrister then go for it.

You wouldn't be prude if you suddenly are holding your parent's underwear after they had sex?

It was a nice and enjoyable episode, lots of laughing moments.


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