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Thursday 29 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 28th of September 8 pm

It's my first episode review in over a fortnight, so I shall start with the apologies. I've started a new job, and with the Queen's passing, national mourning, and a Corrie schedule shuffle - I’ve been all over the shop - major Ryan busyness! (but not robbing a Bistro) Anyway, I've caught up with the latest Weatherfield dramatics, and I dive into this review feeling a strange sense of optimism about it all. Although the last few episodes contained warnings about mild violence, shootings, and murder, I've actually found them to be a welcoming and light relief!

Tonight’s show started with Stephen's Hollyoaks-style flashback of the murder, once again whilst hiding behind the factory bins! We true crime fans will tell you that the murderer always returns to the crime scene! Jenny is understandably worried about Leo's disappearance and Daisy wonders if Leo’s done a runner following that spat he had with his Dad. Daisy wants to raise this issue with Jenny, but Gemma tells her that Leo left his passport and luggage in The Rovers lounge - all whilst Stephen is in earshot and propping up the bar. Like I say -criminal and crime scene. Amazingly, the Canadian murderer manages to sneak into the pub, whilst Daisy and Jenny are out, stealing the evidence, without Gemma seeing him. Annie Walker would have turned in her grave at that appalling pop music coming out of the bar, but it worked as a distraction. Stephen Reid is Richard Hillman V.2, and I'm all for it. 

Jenny takes the disappearing suitcase and passport as a definite confirmation of Leo’s departure to Canada and reacts in full Bradley fashion - chucking out both Micheal and Stephen, whilst seeking solace with Rita. Jenny then goes to the airport, but returns on her own. Later, Daisy tells her like it is, and to be fair, she is correct. Leo was a dull character, and unlike Kelly, he actually got quite a good send-off, I thought. 

Meanwhile, Bernie’s doppelganger comedy subplot lends itself to Coronation Street's lighter side; and she continues to be my favourite new (ish) character. Tonight, she puts her fraudulent Fern plan into action, getting Paul to babysit whilst she pretends to be the posh (Patricia Farnham / Debbie Brownlow) lookalike. All dressed up and lying about a job interview, Bernie has a successful speed awareness course and meeting back up with Fern, she gets a cash payment. 

Later, with *spoiler alert* news of James' departure from the street (no, me neither) it's time that we finally meet his long-lost sister Diana ‘'Dee-Dee’' Bailey tonight. I had no idea she was a solicitor, but nearly losing her laptop and mobile phone in her arrival cab suggests slight inadequacy and unprofessionalism; a perfect replacement for Imran in Adam's solicitors. I could have done without the boardroom shenanigans, but it was worth it for the Ben Dover gag - that did make me chuckle. With Dee-Dee litigating a payment out of the club for his severance, I think we can guess that James will soon depart for a fresh start with the cash and maybe some football teaching job, that little session with Lily was certainly a clue. Also, I guess Dee-Dee will move into N0.3 - it's probably not a tardis, unlike Eileen’s.

Kelly’s midnight flit also got revisited tonight, with her former comrade Stu, and a heartbroken Aadi, both picking up the pieces. My favourite scene tonight was Asha and Nina visiting Aadi in the hospital to try and cheer him up. Aadi now seems resigned to losing her - Maria’s advice seemed to add finality.


Meanwhile, with Yasmeen back from the trip, she reconciles with Stu and tells him that she will do anything to cement his innocence and reopen Speed Daal. With newbie solicitor Dee-Dee in the Rovers, Yasmeen collars her and asks if she can take on Stu's case pro-bono, which is evidence, if you still needed it, of her soon-to-be working with Adam!

This was enjoyable Corrie tonight, and it keeps me watching. I may be busy with my new job, but life always finds time for Coronation Street. Back next week!

I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan.

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Louby said...

Love Dee Dee already. She had more spark about her in one episode than the rest of them put together over the last few years. The writers could have done so much better for them. They still can, but obviously not for James. Maybe he will be reunited with the guy he was with for a while.

Cowks said...

Why couldn't they just give James a personality in the first place?

coconno196 said...

I enjoyed Deedee's transformation from daft Bailey to hotshot lawyer. Of course we'll have to cope with the Corrie misconception that lawyers are multipurpose. In real life they have one speciality.- family law or corporate law or criminal law etc.


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