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Monday 19 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Sunday 18 September 2022

The big news washing around t'Street is that as we might all have guessed after that sterling performance in the witness box Toyah is officially "Not Guilty".  She is now prepared to become even more involved in Griff and Spider's attempts to ensure that the climate does not change - or is there perhaps an even more significant aim which Griff is pursuing - DC Spider certainly seems to think that the months he has been spending infiltrating the "organisation" means that the plan is not just about climate change but insurrection on a far more significant scale.

On Thursday we saw Kelly planning to phone Sharon Geary who openly admits to Aadi that she did kneecapping and money laundering for Rick Neelan (oh, she was only joking apparently).  Kelly has all the plans for her engagement party including photo booth and balloon arch and many other things ready for when the good times will roll.  However Jay turns up with a bag of items which Laura (Kelly's mum) had left behind in Spain.  After some discussion with Aadi she opens it and finds a camera with some photos of Laura enjoying the Spanish sun on 17 June 2019 which as we all know is the date on which she claimed to kill Rick - in this country - so apparently she has an alibi for the date of the murder.  Kelly cannot forget this and asks Sharon about the discrepancy - who initially claims that maybe the camera is broken.  Sharon has been made uneasy by the closeness between Kelly and Gary feels that she has to warn Kelly about Gary and then passes on the critical information that Gary murdered Rick.

Jenny is preparing for her departure to Canada and needs to appoint a manager of the Rovers.  Needless to say Daisy is keen to follow in the footsteps of Annie, Bet, Liz and Jenny (no mention of  the Duckeggs, Natalie Barnes or the Price family I note, or Fred, I say Fred Elliott).  Jenny says she has not decided and meanwhile we are entertained by Glenda on a first probationary shift as Stephen gives her a £10 note which he claims is a £20 and so ends up with a half and more money than he had before.  Glenda knows she has been diddled but Jenny will not hear a word.  Jenny then announces that Gemma is the new manager - but it turns out to be a wind-up once Gemma has announced the animal print makeover she wants to give the Rovers.

Having worked in a bar I know that you go nowhere near anyone with two full pints in their hands - but Daisy learns the hard way when most of a pint is split over her clean dress by Glenda - at this point Daisy wants Glenda's shift and employment terminated immediately!  Glenda redeems herself by escorting a potentially argumentative drunk for the pub and upselling Peter from a packet of crisps to a hotpot.  As Daisy really is the new manager she is able to confirm that Glenda has a permanent job and is officially a Rovers bar person, thanks to that self defence class on a cruise ship.

Alya and Stu meet a solicitor who knows that Weatherfield cop shop is rotten to the core (well we know even Craig has had doubts) and reels off a list of wrong convictions.  She also wants £15k to re-open the case files and just at the moment that is beyond the Nazir family fortunes.  So Alya and Zee retreat to Adam's office and start re-reading all the witness statements to see if they missed anything the first time around.

Gary wants the dynamic duo Liam and Jake to go to bed and observes that Kelly will have them as page boys at the wedding if they don't go.  Being the wrong side of Kelly is not good for you Gary observes - when she is angry she is proper scary - just look at that face!

With my imminent holiday I will miss Jenny's departure and I cannot believe she is going.  It has been heavily signalled that all hell will break out at the party on Wednesday so stay tuned for all that and more.  I will be back in a couple of weeks.

Written by Mark Wadlow and Julie Jones.  Directed by Emma Lindley.


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Anonymous said...

Does jake live with gary now? Presume izzys gone as shes never seen these days

Charles said...

Spider as an undercover cop makes no sense. Never mind the fact that it's entirely out of character, Spider has a criminal record and therefore couldn't become a police officer.

I don't know why Corrie keeps bringing back old characters (Sharon Gaskell, Stephen Reid, Spider) and having them act completely differently than they did before.

I also want to know where Izzy is - if Cherylee Houston who plays her is still shielding due to Covid then I think it's fair to say that she's probably never coming back to the show. I can't say I'd miss her too much to be honest, even before the pandemic Izzy hadn't had a decent storyline in years.

Anonymous said...

So Toyah gets away with murder?No surprise there unfortunately.
If I was Abi,I would keep a close eye on my son as I'm sure Toyah will start stalking Abi to try to get her hands on Alfie.

coconno196 said...

I don't know about Izzy - the actress is involved in many other projects - but last week Gary just said that Jake was staying "for a while". Presumably to give Izzy a break.


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