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Thursday 1 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 31st of August 8 pm

Whatever else happened in tonight's Corrie, I'd already seen a preview, so this review was inevitably going to be about Audrey's salon reopening!!! An icon all on its own, we've been starved of Audrey's blue-rinse brigade, since the pandemic, and Ray Crosby's failed Coronation Street buy-out. Tonight was a cause for real celebration then, and Corrie did not disappoint! I seem to write this every week now, and I always will, when they have these really big cast gatherings, post-covid. With everyone outside the re-branded salon, Roy, Ken, Rita, and the Platt’s congregated in the sunshine (I’m guessing filming was during one of those heatwaves we had) giving a ceremonial nostalgic tint to proceedings. 

A relic relaunched (minus the Renshaw twins), the old guard tells Audrey that maybe a confession about her suicide attempt, to her family, is long overdue. Inside the salon, Stephen asks Audrey about the trust fund paperwork, and Audrey's renewed vigour has given her a change of heart - she's not going to proceed with the trust fund, which refuses him the power of attorney and control of the cash. 

Thinking back to Gail's monologue in the aftermath of Aidan's suicide, and Audrey’s recent suicide attempt, that confession to her daughter, couldn’t have been any more apt, poignant, or tinged with sadness, and was undoubtedly tonight’s standout scene! Here are two actresses that have cemented their onscreen relationships for about 40 years, and it’s one of those scenes where Corrie’s TV longevity only adds to the dramatics. No hyperbole required - that was just brilliant. With the clan gathered at Number 8. Audrey reveals all to the rest of the family, promising herself a new start, sobriety, and a bog-standard will, splitting her money between them, apart from Stephen, because she still thinks he’s loaded. Later, we see Stephen buying a suit from the local charity shop. He’s clearly brassic. 

Feeling like the street’s pariah, Toyah is cheered up by a lunch invite from Peter, and the old partners catch up at Roy’s Rolls putting the world to rights. Spider’s arrival, alongside his echo-warrior friend, gives Peter some thoughts about possibly joining them at a new protest. The problem is that the target for a protest is Carla’s latest potential bigshot Underworld client. With Carla back on top form, Stephen goes berserk behind the bins, realising he’s run out of monetary business options.  

Aadi and Kelly’s rush to get (underage) married, and courting the idea of eloping to Gretna Green, takes my Corrie brain back to the 1990s when Leanne and Nick did just that. Is this a rehash of an old storyline or something a little different? Tonight, the lovesick teens cause Dev parental woes, and tears in the shop, causing Asha to confront her brother. Kelly makes Aadi see sense but he tells his Dad he’d still like to stay at Gary and Maria’s for a bit. Later, the teens email a registrar in Scotland, setting up the rushed nuptials. 

Elsewhere, Jenny and Leo’s relationship finally cracks under the weight of his dullness (sorry, but come on!) and, having been covered in poo working for Ed, he decides to take that job in Toronto. Jenny’s maturity leads the way, it’s an amicable split, and quite frankly, I can't see him being missed. 

Can he take Stephen Reid, and his terrible suit, back to Canada with him? 

A superb episode tonight. Is it me, or is the show on 100% top form right now?

Let us know in the comments! 

I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan 

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Abercrombie said...

I loved it! Real life and emotions, mature decisions and advice. Corrie at it's best.

Fluttershy said...

I hate to be a pedant (not true, I love it really), but it's boracic, not brassic, as in boracic lint.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Regarding bears.......

Black....fight back
Brown....lay down

Play dead with a grizzly/kodiak, make yourself as big as possible with a blackbear (don't play dead, they eat carrion)

and with a polar stand no chance unless you are well armed.
Just in case Leo needs to know

Anonymous said...

I hope the writers aren't setting up a Toyah\Peter affair and since when did Peter become friends with Spider and interested in protests?Very contrived.

coconno196 said...

Amazing that the Toronto job is still available for Leo 2 months after he turned it down! No other plumbers in Canada then?

Anonymous said...

Except the saying in Manchester/North West of England is brassic, as in the Sky TV series, so Ryan is using the correct Manc speak

Anonymous said...

Stevens turning into richard hillman. Cant wait to see him get rumbled

C in Canada said...

@Bobby Dazzler:

Leo's going to Toronto, not the Arctic or even any kind of wilderness!
That's like saying beware of wild bears in London. Sheesh

Avril said...

I'd love to say we dont have bears in the Toronto area but that would be a lie. I live in a small town just an hour east of Toronto and we have bears. In 2020 we had one roaming my neighbourhood and it got into my FIL's backyard and a few others!

As for no other plumbers in's almost impossible to get people to show up for work these days so no wonder we have to import tradesmen!


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