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Saturday 24 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 23 September 2022

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Straight into the drama, as baldy gangster Kieron and his no. 2 henchman take Kelly to the roof of an industrial estate and reveal their devious plan. They’re going to force her to jump to her death and then put the gun used to kill Gary in her hand and make it look like a murder-suicide.

Clearly I’m no master criminal, but this plan does seem to have a few holes. Where is a 17-year-old supposed to have got hold of a gun for a start? And wouldn’t they have preferred to get their mitts on Kel’s money rather than having to go to all this trouble? We’ve all seen Line of Duty guys; your DNA and CCTV images are gonna be everywhere.

But there’s no time for this, as Batman and Robin Gary and Aadi are racing to Kelly’s rescue. Telling Aadi to call the police, Gary rushes to the roof and begs Baldy to kill him and not Kelly. But he’s having none of it and fires, only for Aadi-faster-than-a-speeding-bullet-Alahan to jump in front and take the bullet himself. As he lies bleeding, and with the police approaching, the two hapless villains flee the scene.

Back in the Rovers, slimy Stephen is still nursing the smack in the mouth he got from Leo. Jenny tries to explain that it was just a silly mistake but Mr Sinkhole storms off. Meanwhile David demands an explanation for Stephen’s lies and for what he actually does - apart from swanning around being Canadian? We’ve all wondered that, Dave. His attempts to squirm his way out are made more difficult when Gabriella turns up and threatens to tell Audrey everything unless she gets her money back. As Jenny hits the bottle, Leo returns to tell her he loves her and Canada is back on. But when she’s out of the room he continues poking into what Stephen is up to. This is a shame because firstly, it clearly won’t end well and secondly, we didn’t get to see drunk Jenny which is one of my main reasons for watching this show.

In other news, Evelyn returns to the charity shop and wrestles the red anorak off Joy. She triumphantly returns it to Roy who point out it isn’t Hayley’s. To make amends Roy volunteers her to take some shifts in the charity shop.

Back at Wethy General, we discover that Aadi is indeed a superhero as he is awake and sitting up in bed about 10 minutes after being shot at close range. Much to Dev’s horror, it’s Kelly who goes to his bedside, where she tearfully tells him she is too toxic for him and hands him back the engagement ring.

Then it’s back to confront Gary. Telling her he doesn’t care if the police are coming, Gary tells her everything about Rick, Laura and why he took her in. Kelly tells him that she hasn't called the police because he was going to die for her and that while she couldn’t kill him, she can't forgive him.

He tells her to stay, but she says if she does, she’ll become just like her dad and leaves Wetherfield to make her way in the world with the possible smallest holdall. I went on an overnight stay to the New Forest once and took more shiz than that!  

So that’s the end of Kelly for now. Will we see her again? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments. I’m personally relieved that I don’t have to share my name anymore, it got terribly confusing.

Laters @mskelstar  

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Anonymous said...

I love Millie Gibson as Kelly on the Street and am sad to see her leave. Hopefully sometime in the future Corrie will have her back. Will miss seeing her, she is a good young actress. We don't have enough young actors on the Street.

maggie muggins said...

Good review, thanks Kelly! Not much to say except this episode was really just very satisfying all round. Hadn't thought about you sharing a name with Kelly! Sad to see her go, but the best ending as could be. No one died.

Doesn't that scene with Gabriella in the Platt sitting room look like a sort of Michaelangelo last supper painting? You could almost cut the tension between her and boring Stephen with a knife.

Karen said...

omg, I thought she was over and out. Most of the good young folks/actors wander back on to the Street eventually. She'll likely come back in ten years as some fantastic young environmentalist or lawyer or something. Agreed?

coconno196 said...

Good episode. At least Kelly got the full story from Gary, and Aadi survived. Accidental shootings in soaps so often manage to be fatal. Hope Kelly keeps her bank sccount, then her inheritance can finance her fresh start and education.
Good luck to Millie.

Anonymous said...

Batman and robin ha ha, so is gary batman and addi robin


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