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Saturday 17 September 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Thursday 15 September 2022

Much of tonight was telling the story of Toyah's court case and whilst we all know that our favourite soap sometimes ignores some of the legal niceties observed in real life I happen to be of the opinion that the on screen shenanigans displayed in this episode are unfair on the legal profession.  Early on we are reminded that Toyah has convinced herself that she is guilty and that sister Leanne is exerting every possible argument to stop R'Toyota incriminating herself - initially by telling her lawyer that she should not testify.  The good lady wife observed that Leanne was doing her utmost mardy acting tonight and that maybe, just maybe, Leanne has been over-used in the last couple of years.  Can't she have a nice day and not be a mardy bum for a day?  Adam, Kelly and Saira all testify against Toyah.  Leanne provide a character reference in her support.  However after the to-ing and fro-ing Toyah does take the stand and proclaims that she only knew of Imran's lying after he was deceased.  More in a moment.

Speed Daal (which has had yet another makeover) has two overlapping stories.  For some reason Laurence gives Dean his birthday present in the Bistro - a kimono (so Sean and Ken can play swapsies no doubt).  Sean then has a birthday party with Eyelash, George, Dylan and Glenda but the new boyfriend Laurence is a no-show - allegedly he was doing Mr Whicheloe's root canal (!) and could not get away and then later on having said he will be there his phone is mysteriously dead.  He turns up and said that he could not get away from work and his phone was flat.  Inevitably they make up.  Now I would like to think that Sean has finally bagged Mr Right - but I am highly suspicious of dentists ever since they made me sick with anaesthetic to remove teeth when I was about 5 and so his profession alone condemns him in my eyes!

A customer enthusiastically praising Stu's food is soon on the phone to his mates confirming he has found the location of a known convicted murderer.  He returns to the restaurant, admits to being a friend of the dead girl and then empties a box of cockroaches over the table and of course they run everywhere.  I can only hope that many cockroaches died in the execution of this episode and that the sets have subsequently been completely fumigated.  [I am not a convicted murderer - but do people really search them out and destroy their lives?  Stu has not only served his sentence (and by the way has almost certainly have admitted remorse or he would not have been released - despite his denials of undertaking the crime) or are we just spinning out the time until the evidence of corruption can be found - Alya seems to have stopped reading the papers - all terribly inconsistent.]

James is home from hospital and the team manager pops round and quite unsympathetically tells him that as the new contract has not been signed he is not employed by the club - and he might eventually be offered a new contract.  At the moment he is too much of a liability.  Employment law and unfair dismissal obviously do not exist in Corrie this week!

Ronnie identifies that Ryan is still missing Alya and that she is the "one".  Around the cockroach incident Ryan keeps trying to tell Alya - who has been enjoying a romantic day with her latest boyfriend.  She sagely reminds Ryan that since his dalliance with Daisy it was all over a long time ago. Alya and Zeedan then head to court to hear Toyah's testimony.

The activity around DC Spider all seems a little suspect and this question by the officer investigating Toyah went unanswered - and sorry but I need to call this out specifically.  By his own admission Spider and Toyah split before the trial commenced.  So the question is simply wrong and lazy.  Very annoyed.  In court before the end of the programme the defence is presenting their case and the lawyers sum up.  Even if DC Spider says that Toyah said she was a killer the evidence cannot be presented.  Sorry Corrie you have to do better.

No time to mention Kelly who gave evidence, planned an engagement party, found out that Maria thought she was too young to get engaged and decides to invite Sharon to her engagement party - you remember Sharon - Rick Neelan's enforcer who just happens to know a little too much!  Also no time to mention Asha and Nina enjoying a delightful afternoon in an an otherwise empty house!

And in contrast to my earlier criticism Jane Danson delivered a master class in silent reaction to Toyah's testimony - I cannot screen shot each and every one, I think there were four or five cutaways to her as Toyah managed to be utterly convincing and rock solid in knowing nothing until after the accident.  Which is of course why she is on screen so much!

She is not alone of course as Georgia Taylor's performance was similarly nuanced - wiping tears away as the death of the love of her life was mentioned.  Keeping the lie solid despite the attack of the prosecuting council and not wavering when the cracks were delineated.  

Written by Cameron McAllister and Ella Greenhill.  Directed by Emma Lindley.

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coconno196 said...

Would love to know how, when and why Spider became an undercover cop. Also, if Toyah had told the truth - moment of madness rather than premeditated - what would her sentence be?
Glad we didn't see many stunt cockroaches. Is it easy to find a box of live ones?!

Anonymous said...

I knew who wrote this review immediately was you when you pointed out inconsistencies. Alya did say she was reading on Wednesday episode.

Jane Danson is a fine actress, so it make sense for Corrie to capitalised on her while the pandemic continue to stay around, and now her role has reduced a bit for a while. But I am very happy to see this sister bonding because Toyah was largely absent from Leanne's life when Oliver died.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how Spider became an undercover cop[and what happened to the juice bar that he needed Aunty Em to help finance which led to an attempt on Emily's life and the murder of Maxine Peacock by Richard Hillman].
With his record of vandalism and disturbing the peace,he would've been a Criminal informant not a cop.
In a way I\m not surprised that Toyah would lie on the stand to save her own skin as I always got the impression she seemed more upset about losing Alfie then Imram's death as she seems to be over him now that Spider's returned.

coconno196 said...

Good memory Anon. I agree it would be more likely for Spider to be an informant, maybe to avoid jail for his exploits.
As for Sean, his sulking about Lawrence choosing a client over the lunch was childish and unreasonable. Lawrence seems very nice. Too good for self-centred Sean

Humpty Dumpty said...

If the cockroach incident was supposed to freak viewers out, it failed. The diner came in with a box, people shrieked a bit and we saw something on Stu's shoe. That was a criminal act, surely, 'deliberate infestation' or similar. Night off for Craig presumably. Trial scene confused me - Toyah did it deliberately or the spur of the moment, knew Imran lied or perhaps she didn't know - and was it before or after. By the end, I didn't care. Never thought Imran and Toyah were a believable couple and wouldn't be sorry if Toyah left. Someone on this site suggested Spider was an undercover cop a few weeks back. How did they it work out? I thought Spider had infiltrated the eco-protesters so why is DS Swain so interested in Toyah?

coconno196 said...

Well a murder conviction for Toyah would be a bonus for DS Swain. Maybe she's after promotion LOL.


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