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Friday 23 September 2022

Spider's return to Corrie - what do you think?

Regular readers (hello, aunty Jean) will know that I'm a huge fan of Coronation Street's Spider.  Ever since he returned to Weatherfield I've been a bit giddy kipper. I'm still loving every minute that he's on screen and I don't care what storylines they chuck at him, just to have Geoffrey Nugent back on screen is enough for this fan.

However, I'm wondering where his character will go once his secret is out and Toyah discovers what he's really up to.  

Having Spider work as an undercover cop strikes some fans as out of character for Spider, but it works for me. I'm willing to go with it. Well, let's face it, I have no choice. 

I'm loving Spider and Toyah back together though. 

Toyah lights up each time she's in a scene with Spider and therefore, we know it'll break her heart when she finds out the truth about him. Which she will, of course; this is soap after all.  

How do you think Spider's return is working out in Weatherfield? 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Spider's return might have worked if they'd given him a plausible reason for doing so. Leanne and Nick successfully reunited but it was a straight-forward case of finding love again. Apologies but I have no interest in this couple because the intrigue seems so contrived. Actually, what would for me is that Toyah and Spider do find love but feel it can only survive if they leave Weatherfield forever.

Fluttershy said...

They're doing the spycops thing, Toyah's going to get pregnant, Spider's going to move on to the next case, she's going to find out he was an undercover copper, yawn.

Charles said...

I was initially very excited to see Spider return, but making him an under cop has completely ruined his character.

It also makes no sense. Spider has a criminal record which would prevent him from becoming a police officer. Even if he somehow got around that, less than six years ago he was an activist in Peru. How is it credible that since then he has returned to the UK, trained as a police officer, and somehow ended up as an undercover detective?

I wish they'd just make him a police informant rather than a detective and provided a decent explanation of why he's given up on his ideals.

popcorn said...

I love Spider too, but find the story of his being an undercover cop totally implausible, given his previous exploits on the Street.
I also find the notion of Toyah purposely crashing the car implausible, given what we know of her. And, although I love Spider, I am not particularly fond of Toyah either. It must be hard for the actors to carry this off.

Anonymous said...

I also don't see the point of Spider's return except to prove my theory that Toyah never really loved Imram only wanted to be a mother to Alfie as she seemed to be over her 'grief'the moment Spider arrived.
The idea of Spider is ridiculous as considering he has a record,he would have been an informant for the police.
I'm also dissappointed that there has been little interaction between Spider and the other residents and that there has been no mention at all about Aunty Em.
I thought surely there would have at least been a scene in the Rovers with Spider telling Ken and Rita how Emily is doing.

Anonymous said...

Like sharons return a once likeable character has been ruined. Hes a good actor but has a completely barmy part now, as said above from been in peru to suddenly been a detective. Also are the police now recruiting guys in there mid 40s!

Anonymous said...

Toyah can't get pregnant. That's been the problem for her since her return to the street

Louby said...

I'm still really pleased that he's returned, but I agree with the comments about how he couldn't have joined the police force. Plus, aren't spycops supposed to be anonymous - sent to a place where no one knows them and work under an assumed name?

It feels like anyone new or returning must have some dramatic secret, rather than just coming back to visit or whatever. I think we could have easily believed that he would be part of the environmental action (genuinely).

Sharon boothroyd said...

I like Spider and it's good to see him return but yes, it would be more convincing if he was police informant rather than undercover police.
I reckon he married, as he got too close to someone in his last undercover group.
He had to choose - his wife or his career and he chose his career. I reckon he'll do this again.
I don't think brining Toyah back was a huge success, either.
Her -re-introduction story was her being secretly involved with Peter Barlow, but it didn't work for me.
I hope she does become pregnant and runs off with Spider, as I feel sometimes that the production team and scriptwriters don't know what to do with her.


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