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Tuesday 6 September 2022

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, September 12 - 16, 2022

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 12 to Friday 16 September 2022

Glenda starts work in the Rovers, Toyah's up in court, Aadi's wedding bells send Dev spiralling, George tries to play peacemaker, Speed Daal has some unwelcome customers, Kelly wants answers from Gary and Toyah faces her future.

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Sharon boothroyd said...

So a little boozer like The Rovers, who only have hot pot on the meal menu, and nothing else, manage to pay regular salaries to Jenny, Gemma, Sean, Daisy and now Glenda?
I know there's no allocated cleaner or cellar person, but it still doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Sean and Gemma only work part time. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

If Jenny goes to Canada, that's 1 less. None of them with there full time, so seems feasible to have various p/t staff. Makes sense to me

Sharon boothroyd said...

Most pubs now have an extensive meal menu and make their income from that, instead of selling beer and spirits alone.
The Rovers only have 1 meal to sell, and that's hotpot. They haven't adapted and they've got a host of part- time staff to pay?
No wonder people go to The Bistro instead!
As for Jenny going to Canada... she won't go.
I wish Roy's Rolls would have a modern make-over, too.
No customer would put up with filthy walls and windows, and instant coffee in horrible mugs in 2022. People expect better standards theses days.

Anonymous said...

Daisy is there full time.

Bobby Dazzler said...

All you have to do is watch past episodes and see what a little "earner" the Rovers was, especially at lunchtime...the factory girls, the old ladies with nothing to do, the lads who are doing work/garbage/construction in the area.
The Rovers is what I would call it, in my professional opinion. There would be no money to be maid...the bloody Bistro is taking half the clientele...maybe they should reopen the "special " backroom...they could do weddings again...of course then they'd have to build out into the side street..heheh (for all of those who have seen the corrie maps of the Rovers..heehee)

Anonymous said...

It is a tv show, a make believe show. The kitchen is not big enough for a wide range of food.

Roy's Roll is fine, it is not filthy.

Sue said...

If you think Roy’s Rolls is not filthy you either haven’t seen that really dirty wall by the window they often have in shot or you have pretty low hygiene standards.

Bobby Dazzler said...


I'll watch for that, I notice it is a greasy spoon cafe still.Seemed cleaner in Alma and Gail's day

Fluttershy said...

The back room of the Rover's used to be a staff room type affair where the bar staff took their breaks. The kitchen behind it was an industrial type kitchen where they'd make the hot-pots, etc. There used to be living accommodation upstairs, I recall a horrible rouged leather suite. At some point the back room became the main living accommodation, the upstairs lounge disappeared, and the kitchen became a domestic kitchen of the type that would NEVER EVER get a licence to serve hot-pots or any other food on a commercial basis and would be shut down by the inspectors immediately.

Bobby Dazzler said...

There was a room off to the side of the fruit had to walk past the Snug to get to it...looking at a map, it would have put the special (used for wedding receptions etc) to the left of the bar as you go in.


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